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Download Getting over it

Download Getting over it

This game is very popular. This game is not known for the fact that this game is good. But this game is so famous because the game is so frustrating. Wherever you play this game you will understand why I said that this game is frustrating.

This is a game that will challenge your mind, so if you get angry very quickly, then you stayed away from this game because while playing this game you can get so angry that you can throw away your mobile.

This game is an offline game. getting over it Game is available on both PC and mobile platforms. The game is great and you may have seen many gamers on youtube to stream the game live. And if you’ve seen this gamer to play getting over it, you’ll know how frustrating it is to be playing this game.

Sometimes YouTubers do the live stream of this game. And when they come down from the top in the game they feel a lot of frustration. And in frustration sometimes they break their PC monitor or phone.

So if you want to play this game, I would like to warn you to control your anger and play this game in peace.


The gameplay of this game is very different and you have never seen any other gameplay like this game and this is what makes this game stand out from all other games. One of the reasons behind this game being famous is its unique gameplay.

In the game, you find a character who is trapped in a jug and has an ax in his hand and you have to climb with this ax. There will be many obstacles in front of you ascending, but you have to overcome all these obstacles and move on.  Sometimes the wrong step is taken down and we lose all our hard work. And really there is a lot of anger at that point.

Handling the character in the game is the most difficult. It is easy to see, but when we play this game ourselves, then we know how difficult this game is.


The graphics of the game are good and you can enjoy this game in HD graphics as well. Graphics like the one you will see in the pc version The same graphics you will see in the mobile version. The colors in the game are good and the detailing of everything is also very nice. Because the game is small in size and the game is 2D, keeping in mind that the graphics of the game are good.


If you do not know then let us know that getting over it is a paid game in Android and the price of the game is Rs 430 It sounds a little weird. If you want to download the game for free you can download it for free by clicking the download button below.




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