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Overwatch for Nintendo switch

Overwatch for Nintendo switch

There are a lot of platforms available in the gaming world that you can play games and that platform is PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile phones, but now in this list, another device name is added which is very portable and you can also carry it in your pocket. If you are fond of gaming and if you travel a lot, then Nintendo Switch is for you. Its name is Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch was launched on 3 March 2017. And this console was a hit as soon as it was launched. Ever since this console was launched, thousands of games have been made for this game. And now big gaming companies are also developing games for this device.

If you talk about big titles then big games like Witcher 3 Wild hunt, Darksiders 2, Fortnite, Final Fantasy 7, Resident level 4, are also available for this device. And there is another name to be added to this which is Overwatch.

Game information

Overwatch is an online first-person team-based multiplayer game. This game is made by Blizzard Entertainment. The game consists of 2 teams of 6 players who have to fight each other.

Overwatch is the best online multiplayer game I’ve ever played. If you play this game in your PC and console then it gives you the best playing experience, but this game will also continue to have the same experience in Nintendo switch. Then whether it is the details of the character or the graphics of this game, it is going to be the best.

This is a game played on a big screen, so it has a focus on small details as well and if you play this game even on the small screen of the Nintendo Switch, then you will not have any problem.

This is a fast-pacing game and if you want to survive in its insane battle, then you have to show agility. In this game, the movements of players are very fast and you must also have batter controls to move fast. Overwatch controls work very well in the Nintendo Switch and you can make fast moves and hit your enemy without any difficulty.

The game was launched in 2016 but still, the number of players playing this game has not reduced.  The fans of this game are still playing this game as well as live streams of this game in platforms like youtube and twitch.

In the Overwatch game you will find up to 31 different heroes and each of these heroes will have different qualities. The Overwatch game will also add gyroscopic motion controls when it launches for the Nintendo Switch, so you will have a lot easier to play.

Release date

Nintendo has confirmed that the overwatch game is coming to Nintendo Switch. And a few days ago the trailer of overwatch was also launched in Nintendo direct. The release date of Overwatch has also been confirmed, which is October 15 and you will have to pay $ 40 USD to play this game on Nintendo switch.

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