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What is Apple arcade

What is Apple arcade

The eyes of two big giants of the technology, google, and apple, are currently resting on the gaming industries. While Google is preparing to change PC and console gaming by launching its cloud-based gaming streaming platform stadia, on the other hand, Apple is going to revolutionize the world of mobile gaming with the help of its apple arcade.

The apple hosted an event on Tuesday. In this event, Apple gave information about its new products such as the iPhone, iPad, apple watch, etc. But in the midst of all this, Apple also gave another news that is related to gaming.

And this is news about the apple arcade. Apple’s arcade was hotly debated in March, and on Tuesday, Apple has confirmed the release date of its service.

So let’s know what an apple arcade is and how it works.

Feature and launching

apple arcade is a video game service that will be launched by apple. In this service, Apple will add a new feature in its app store called apple arcade. One way you can call apple arcade is Netflix of gaming, where you will get to see many exclusive gaming titles.

The special thing about this service is that in the apple arcade you will be able to play games that are apple exclusive, it means that the game will not be made for any other mobile os and you will not find it anywhere else.

Perhaps it is possible that you get to see exclusive game titles of apple arcade on gaming platforms like PC or console but it is impossible to get this gaming title on any other mobile platform. In addition, you can play these games only in your apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac, and apple tv using Apple’s cloud account.

Its subscription will sync with your apple id so that you will be able to play the same game on different devices. Suppose if you are playing your favorite game outside the house, then you will continue to play the same game on the big screen on the Apple TV at home from the exact place where you left that game on your iPhone. That is, your entire game history, awards, achievements, leader board results, rank will remain the same even if you change the device.

One thing about Apple arcade is very good and that is that once you have purchased a subscription, then there is no need for in-game purchase.

When Apple launches this service in 150 countries, the service will be given a 1-month free trial. After you will pay $ 4.99 a month. And for this service in India, customers have to pay 360 rupees.

When it comes to games, you get 100 games or even more in the beginning.

Apple has also revealed the launch date of the arcade service at an event held on September 10th, and the launching date of the apple arcade is September 19.

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