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PUBG Mobile Payload mode

PUBG Mobile Payload mode

Ever since PUBG mobile game arrived, this game has become more popular and especially in Asia. This game is played much more in India and China and this game is so good that people have become accustomed to this game. PUBG keeps bringing new updates of this game every month so that the game can get a new look and the players will also enjoy the game.

The thing that everyone was looking forward to for many days has come in PUBG mobile. So let’s know what’s new in PUBG Mobile’s 0.15.0 payload mode update.

Payload mode

In this update of PUBG Mobile, a lot of new things have come, which you will enjoy a lot more by playing.

PUBG Mobile’s 0.15.0 update came on 23 Oct and this update is also called payload mode update. If you notice, some of the things of this update have been taken from the Call of Duty mobile.

  • PUBG Mobile VS Call of Duty Mobile
You will get to see payload mode in Evo ground, where you can play it. In this update, you will also get to see the update of Halloween theme i.e. Halloween with payload mode. When you play the game, you will get to see the atmosphere of Halloween everywhere.


BRDM 2 This vehicle has already come in PUBG PC but now in PUBG Mobile, it has come in this update. It is like a tank and this vehicle has many features.

The BRDM 2 has a health of 2500 which is almost twice that of UAZ and this vehicle can run in water as well. The speed of this vehicle is 22 kmph in water and on the ground, the speed of this vehicle is 102 kmph with a boost.

You can also drive this vehicle in water, that is, you do not need a boat to go fast in the water, only this vehicle can take you directly from the ground into the water. And in payload mode, you will find this vehicle very easily. If you get down anywhere, you will find this car parked in the garage like another car.


The payload mode update has also given a helicopter and it is not just kept for the showpiece, but you can also use it as if you fly a helicopter in call of duty, now you will be able to fly in PUBG mobile too.
The concept of the helicopter came from Call of duty mobile and probably PUBG is now copying call of duty mobile. You can fly in a helicopter with any one of your partners.

Other things

Apart from this, you will also get to see Explosive Barrels in this update, that is, whenever you shoot red-colored petrol barrels, it will burst so that you can give more damage to your enemy.
Many new guns have also come in this update, including RPG-7, M3E1-A, M79 Grenade Launcher, and the M134 Minigun.
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