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Dynamo VS Kronten

Dynamo VS Kronten

As you know, PUBG Mobile has changed the world of mobile gaming in India. And PUBG mobile also brought out people from India who have a lot of talent. Before PUBG Mobile, the gaming community in India was very backward, which we can say is negligible. At that time, people used to play games in mobile so that they could get entertainment and at that time there was not even a name and mark of Esport in our India. In the name of the gaming community, there were a few gamers in India who used to stream live on youtube.

If you live in this world and have not heard the name of PUBG Mobile then it will be a strange thing because this game is so famous that almost all people have heard about this game in every corner of the world.

If you do not know, then we can tell you that PUBG Mobile is an online Battle Royale game. You can play this game with your friends. This game is made by Tencent, a popular game maker company in China. By the way, an interesting thing to tell is that before PUBG Mobile, Tencent company was not so much famous, but ever since this company launched PUBG Mobile, people have started recognizing this company with PUBG.

Because this company did not make the game, but this company had created a history that will be written in the history page. Due to this one game, the level of the gaming community has increased in many countries. And gaming industries have benefited from this manifold.

Due to PUBG mobile, the mobile gaming community in India grew, and with that youtube also emerged Indian gaming community. Now such people started coming forward who play games very well and Indian gamers increased on youtube. As soon as Indian YouTubers started streaming the game live, their fan following also started increasing.
You all must know the dynamo gaming (aadii sawant) because he is a very famous India Youtuber which does a live stream of pubg mobile. Dynamo has a lot of fans on Instagram as well as youtube. It all started when Dynamo received the Pavilion 15 Gaming Laptop from HP and AMD and Dynamo posted a story in his Instagram account speaking about the laptop. Dynamo showoff his new laptop and gave an open challenge to all his viewers.

Kronten Gaming (Chetan Sanjay Chandgude) accepted this challenge and said that with such a powerful laptop, anyone can give a challenge. After that, he accepted the challenge of dynamo because kronten gaming has also got the same laptop from HP.

Both of these are very good players and PUBG plays well. Both of these YouTubers have a huge fan base. And his fans also love him a lot. By the way, let us tell you that there is no enmity between these two and both of them are not doing this match due to any enmity but the truth is the opposite.

Actually, Dynamo and Kronten are very good friends in real life and this competition is not due to any animosity but to promote the laptop given to them.

It remains to be seen who wins the head to head challenge of these two big YouTubers.


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