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Call of duty mobile season 3

Call of duty mobile season 3


Friends, today we have brought the updates of season 3 of Call of duty mobile, in which you will get to see a new character named Phantom, so let’s know about the Battle Pass.

Season 3

Activision has given an update of season 3 in Korea And came to India after that. In this new season, you will get new skin of Weapon, apart from this, you will also get to see a lot of good skins of the vehicle.

If you have played Cod then you must know about the Phantom. You get to see this character in the Call of Duty infinity warfare. The phantom is the master of sniping. Its sniping range is more than other players and the reason is its modified eye. With phantom, you will also get a lady’s character.  Which is the first female character of call of duty mobile. There is a new ranking twist in season 3, whose ranking will be from January 2020 to March 2020. And new rank rewards are also coming. The user interface in rank is also updated. The matchmaking has also been improved and has been done better. Now if you leave the match, then your options will be cut.

Battle Pass

The new Battle Pass will remain from January 2020 to February 2020. You will get rewards of both premium and free battle passes. Weapons of NewNeon Technology will be available to you for some time. Some new modes have also come for a limited time, such as rapid-fire, in this mode, the cooldown time of operator skills has been reduced so that you can use these skills quickly and unlimited ammo is also used.

Apart from this, you will also see 2 new maps called scrapyard and cage. Along with the new updates, the game’s controls have also been improved, in which you will get to see 3 types of sensitivity turns.  If you talk about Combat, then you will get a new operating skin hive, which is very amazing. With hive you can directly kill your enemy, it acts like a trap and kills your enemy.

In battle royale, you will get a time-related mode in which there will be a 20 vs 20 match.  Along with that, a 2 seater motorcycle has arrived, in which you will be able to run quickly.


The season 3 update has also greatly improved the optimization of the game such that TDM will be unlocked at level 3.  The raid map and takeoff map are now returned. Some maps have a fixed distance in which your health will be reduced if you go out of the distance.  You will get damaged when you fall from the height and it will be a little increase. Apart from this, the mechanism of climbing and descending stairs has also improved.  The movement speed of the player has also improved.

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