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Call of Duty Mobile Blackhole & New Map Chernobyl | Tunisia | Scrapyard | Cage

Call of Duty Mobile Blackhole & New Map Chernobyl | Tunisia | Scrapyard | Cage

Call of Duty Mobile is a game that brings back memories of the Call of Duty franchise through its character. This game is the perfect combination of many years of experience and greatness. Although it is a multiplayer and battle royal game, so it does not have the ultimate storyline like call of duty franchise but every map and every location of this game reminds us of the game with its pc version.

4 different variants of Call of duty mobile have been launched but this does not mean that the four games are different. Its four variants are the same and there is no difference in it, just these are separated by region and country.

But the benefit of having four games is also for the players because this divides the players and does not put much load on the server so that the ping in the game does not go very high and this makes the gameplay smooth.

Because it is an online multiplayer and battle royal game, this game brings new updates from time to time, so if you talk about updates in this game then these updates come in the form of new seasons, battle passes, and maps.

When the game was launched, the company said that it would launch a new map every month. This is very good news and with the launch of a new map every month, the player engagement in the game will also increase and the players will feel refreshing.

If you are a fan of the call of duty mobile game, then you are going to have a lot of fun knowing this news because today I am going to tell you about the black hole and new map coming in the call of duty mobile.


If you play Battle Royal mode in Call of Duty mobile, then you must know that on the morning of January 2, you saw a black hole in the sky of Isolated map which is still present and it is getting bigger with time. If so, the reason for this may be a new map. There is no confirmed news about it yet, but perhaps this black hole must have been made to bring a new map.

New maps

New map names have also been released such as Chernobyl. Tunisia | Scrapyard | Cage. Each of these maps has been created, but maybe it is possible that the final testing is still going on or there are still some bugs or glitches left due to which it is taking time to get these maps in the game.

New map launch date

 No news has been revealed about the launch of the new map yet, if the leaks were to be believed, then these maps should have been launched in the public opinion but were not launched. And now it is being speculated that perhaps by February 10, you will get to see new maps.
Along with the maps, you will get to see season 4 very soon, and it is being assumed that in season 4, all the bugs and glitches that are present will be fixed.

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