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Call of Duty Mobile new map release date

Call of Duty Mobile new map release date

If you play Call of Duty Mobile then you will also be waiting for the new map of Battle Royal mode. Today we are going to talk about how long the new map of Battle Royal mode of Call of Duty Mobile will arrive.
Call of Duty Mobile is a very good online game in which you can play with your friends. There are currently 3 types of game modes available in this game which are given below.
  1. Zombie Mode
  2. Multiplayer Mode
  3. Battle Royal Mode

1. Zombie Mode

As the name of this mode itself suggests, this mode is based on zombies. In this mode, you will have to face different zombies and kill them along with your team. In this mode, zombies of different power and ability will be seen, which you can beat with your squad. Along with small & big zombies, you will also get to see Boss Fight.

2. Multiplayer Mode

This is the best mode of this game because Call of Duty is very famous for its multiplayer mode and Call of Duty Mobile never disappoints us in this matter. Many maps of multiplayer mode have been taken from the PC version of Call of Duty and if you have played any game of PC version, you will miss it by looking at these maps. In the multiplayer mode of the mobile version, many things have been taken from the PC version.

3. Battle Royale Mode

Battle Royal Mode is the third mode of Call of Duty Mobile.  This battle royal mode is also similar to the second battle royal game in which 100 players are landed in Iceland via plane.  The player who survives the last by beating other players wins.  The map of Battle Royal mode is very good and the graphics are also very good.  So you will enjoy playing it a lot because Call of Duty has also given some new touches in Battle Royal modes like Special Ability and Helicopter. But one problem in this mode is that since the game was launched, no new map has been added to the Battle Royal mode of this game.

New Map

Ever since the Call of Duty mobile game was launched, only one map is available in Battle Royal mode, although this one map contains four maps, but now the players who were playing Battle Royal mode in this game are bored because He has nothing new and every time he plays in the same map, due to this, now players are waiting for the new map for Battle Royal mode.

For many days, a lot of news has been coming about the new map of Battle Royal Mode, such as this map will be launched by the 18th of February but nothing like that has been seen and now this news from Call of Duty Mobile has come. By the end of season 3, you will get to see the new Cage map. This means that you will have to wait a little longer. And from the official news of Call of Duty Mobile, it seems that he will not launch all the maps simultaneously but will launch new maps after a while. Because Activision knows that when they launch all the maps at once, the players will demand new maps again after a while, so they will launch new maps within a short time and the name of upcoming maps is Chernobyl | Tunisia | Scrapyard & Cage.

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