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Angry birds 2 movie review

Angry birds 2 movie review

Angry Bird is a famous game. Most people in the world must have heard about this game and whether you are a child or a grown-up, you must have played this game and movies has also been made on this game, which has 2 parts, the first part is Angry birds and the other part is Angry birds 2.

Angry birds 2 story

After the happy ending of the Angry bird’s movie, Red is no longer a loser in Angry birds 2, he has become the hero of this colony as Red has saved all the birds’ eggs from piggy. And now all the birds of this Iceland consider red as a hero and red is praised everywhere. He gets respect wherever he goes.

Happiness returns to Red’s life and his life has changed. Now his full-time job is to save the whole bird Iceland from Piggy. Red’s friends Chuck and Bomb are also happy in their lives and everything is going well.

Then one day Piggy’s message of reconciliation comes from the piggy Iceland which is sent by Leonard Mudbeard who is the king of Piggy Iceland. Rede does not believe Leonard Mudbeard’s proposal for the reconciliation. Red feels that this is Leonard Mudbeard’s trick and wants to harm him.

But one day while Red is sleeping in his house, Leonard Mudbeard comes to his house and tells him that he has found a third island that is our enemy, and from that third island, big ice balls come and fall on Piggy Iceland. And break everything. At first, Red did not believe Leonard Mudbeard, then when Leonard Mudbeard told Red about the snow bool that Red had also seen, he listened to Leonard Mudbeard and for the first time reconciled between birds and piggy It is because the enemy of both those states is the same.

Now Red was going to do the work for which he was always ready and that is to save his Iceland from the enemy.

Before leaving Red had formed his own team, which had his old partners Chuck, Bomb, and Mighty Eagle, but Chuck took Red to his sister Silver. Silver was a genius. But Red and Silver had already met at a dating club and the two had rejected each other at the time, but Silver eventually joined the team which included piggy king Leonard Mudbeard, Courtney, and Piggy’s scientist Garry.

Red and his team left for third Iceland, sitting in a giant submarine made by Piggys. In that submarine, Leonard Mudbeard told the whole team about the enemy Iceland, whose dictator was an eagle named Zeta. She was a very dangerous eagle and wants to destroy bird Iceland and Piggy Iceland.

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She was making such snow bools that contained lava. With the help of which she was going to destroy both those Iceland. And then Red and his team reached that third island where Zeta was making lava ice balls.

But then Mighty Eagle started talking about going home and when the whole team asked him about his departure, he told that Zeta was his fiancĂ©e and in the past, he and Zeta were about to get married but on the wedding day Mighty Eagle did not come there. This incident broke Zeta’s heart, and she became a villain and by saying this, Mighty Eagle went there.

Now Red was leading the whole team without any plan because he had pride in it. He wanted to take the entire team to the control room without any plan, but at the same time Silver stopped him from doing that and made a plan to take the entire team inside safely and the whole team liked Silver’s plan very much. Seeing the team praising Silver, Red started getting jealous.

Because Red did not want anyone other than him to be a hero. And being upset with the same thing, Red did not accept Silver’s plan and made a plan to enter the control room directly, which was very dangerous. Silver knew that Red would definitely be in trouble, that is why she also went with Red. Red and Silver were caught because of Red’s impudence. But on the other hand, his team had reached inside.

Now Red realized his mistake and then Silver cleverly freed both of them from captivity. And now the whole team was together. After that, Red accepted his mistake and placed the command of the team in the hands of Silver.

At the same time, Silver made a plan in which she was going to break the machine that launched the ice pellets with the same ice shell. And the whole team started working according to the plan. But when the snowball fell on that machine according to the plan, that machine was not broken and the silver’s plan would fail and at the same time, zeta caught them all.

But then the Mighty Eagle came over and apologized to zeta. Taking advantage of that time, Chuck tied the machine with an unbreakable rope made by silver. zeta turns down the apology of Mighty Eagle and starts the machine. Lava ice balls from that machine started to get out, but with that unbreakable rope tied by Chuck, those shells could not go into the sky and went back to that machine. And those snowballs broke that machine and together there was a huge explosion.

In that explosion, Zeta’s daughter was trapped inside the rubble and that is why Zeta felt that she was dead. And this is why zeta started crying. But then the debris was removed and Mighty Eagle came out of it. Mighty Eagle saved Zeta’s daughter because she was the daughter of Zeta and Mighty Eagle. The same thing makes zeta emotional and zeta forgives Mighty Eagle’s mistake.

After that, Zeta and Mighty Eagle return to Birdland and they both got married. Red also gets his fault and he gives credit for this victory to the entire team.

My opinion

I liked Angry birds 2 movie very much and in this film, there is also a temper of familism. Apart from that, I also liked the silver character. Even in the second movie of this franchise, the filmmakers have delivered a good message through Red. When the matter is to protect our country and protect the people of our country, then we should give up our personal ego. In the film’s ending, Red gives credit for this victory to everyone and I liked this thing the most. A statue of the entire team is shown in the ending of the film, it also wins the heart. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, then definitely watch it.

Rating: 3.0/5

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