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Call of Duty mobile's zombie mode being removed

Call of Duty mobile’s zombie mode being removed


Call of Duty mobile is a very famous game. It is an online multiplayer and battle royal game in which you also got zombie mode but now this mode will be removed, so let’s know about it.

Zombie mode

If you play Call of Duty mobile games then you will definitely know about zombie mode and if you also play zombie mode then it is bad news for you because zombie mode will be removed on March 25 and the reason behind it is zombie mode  Quality is not good and players have also given poor feedback for this mode, hence this mode will be removed from Call of Duty mobile.

Developers say that zombie mode will be removed for now, but this mode can be returned to the game when the quality of this mode and map is improved.

If you play multiplayer and battle royal mode in Call of Duty mobile, then there is good news for you, zombie mode will be removed on the 25th and that is why the developer of the game will not have to work on zombie mode. Due to this, he can now focus more on multiplayer and battle royal modes which will further improve the quality of both these modes.

In recent times, a new season has started in call of duty mobile from 1st March, in which you will get many new things with Battle Pass, such as gun skin and vehicle skin based on the Vikings theme.

Recently, in an update, we got to see the cage map.  You will get to see this cage map in multiplayer mode. This map is very small, making it a very good map for close combat. The graphics of the map are quite good. Now the developer of Call of Duty mobile is also engaged in making many more maps and in the future, you will get to see maps for multiplayer mode and battle royale mode.

Apart from this, the developer has also announced that the hardpoint mode of call of duty mobile which came for a limited time has now been permanent.

Call of Duty Mobile had a skill add named H.I.V.E. This skill is derived from Call of Duty black ops 3. H.I.V.E is a trap that is surrounded by deadly swarms which are small drones and attack your opponent. You can use this feature only till March 12.

My opinion

If I talk about my opinion, then I liked the decision of the developer because in the coming time the competition for Call of Duty mobile will increase more as the beta version of Apex legends mobile is coming very soon and after that game will be launched. Due to this, the traffic of Call of Duty mobile will be disturbed and no company will ever want their players to leave their game and go to some other game.

To prevent this, developers will pay more attention to their multiplayer and battle royale mode, due to which they will be successful in maintaining their traffic base.

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