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Naruto Slugfest is Out for Android

Naruto Slugfest is Out for Android

Naruto is a Japanese animation show which is very famous and is based on the Naruto manga which first came in 1997. Written by Masashi Kishimoto and published by Shueisha Inc.

Actually, Kishimoto wanted to show naruto as a chef but the publishing company did not like this idea and it did not go public. After that Kishimoto got another idea in which he wanted to show naruto as a child who is a Turned into Fox, and on this story, he wrote a single chapter of naruto called Akamaru jump in 1997. People liked this story very much but Kishimoto was not satisfied by this story and he wanted to do something different, that’s why he rewrote this story and in it, Kishimoto showed naruto a ninja and our favorite cartoon character was born since then.

A lot of video games have come on Naruto, but the game with good graphics was only available in PC and console but now good games are also being made for mobile device and this game is Naruto: Slugfest. It is an online game and has been developed by Cubinet Interactive International Co. Ltd.


Naruto: Slugfest Game is a 3D open-world MMO RPG game. The dynamic visuals of this game are quite good.
Naruto: Slugfest’s story and game plot are based on Naruto Shippuden’s timeline. If we talk about the graphics of the game then the graphics of this game are fabulous. The state of the art cartoon rendering technology has been used in this game. Apart from this, the cinematography of the game is also good. The game has the perfect combination of light and shadow. The day and night have also been added to the game and along with that, the weather system has also been added.


In this game, your ninja story will start with your favorite ninja partners. In the game, you will find a lot of characters that will join you with the ninja story.
You can play this game in 4 different classes
  • Thunder Assassin – This is a middle-level class. This class includes water style and lightning style fighting technic. This is why you get high mobility and stealth in this style.
  • Blazing Lotus – This is a range type class. This class includes fire style fighting technic. For this reason, in this style, you can give a lot of damage to your enemy. And there is a special ability in this that you can also heal your allies.
  • Earth Keeper – This is a melee type class. This class includes earth style fighting technic. you will get to see high defense in this style. And in this style, you can give massive AOE damage to your enemy.
  • Wind Shooter – This is a long-range type. This class includes wind style fighting technic. In this class, while making a distance from your enemy, you can give him dangerous damage.


The game’s graphics are awesome, it is an open-world story-based game and the map of the game is also big, and all these things have affected the size of the game, due to which the size of the game is 1.8GB which is much bigger. If you have a good or medium range smartphone then you can play this game well.
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