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PUBG Crossplay: Invite your friends on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 to a single party

PUBG Crossplay: Invite your friends on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 to a single party

PUBG is a game that started a new gaming concept. This game was launched on 30 July 2016. And this game became popular as soon as it was released.

Technically, PUBG is the first Battle Royale game, meaning PUBG created the Battle Royale concept, after which the rest of the gaming company started following this concept.

PUBG game has been launched on almost all gaming platforms like Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, Android, iOS, etc.

This is an online game, so obviously you can play this game with your friends too and the real fun of this game also comes when you create a squad with your friends and play it. But there was a problem in this concept as well and the problem was that there are 2 friends and both have different gaming platforms such as one has an Xbox One and the other has a PS4. Now in such a situation, those two friends cannot play together by making squads because the servers of both Xbox One and console are different. But now the solution to this problem has come.

If you have a gaming console and you play PUBG then there is good news for you. Now you can play matches with any of your friends who have Xbox or Playstation.

PUBG has released the latest update for console players for the Xbox One and PS4. The name of this feature is crossplay. If you have an Xbox one, you can play a match with your friend who has a PS4. And PS4 players can also play with Xbox players. This feature is called crossplay.
PUBG Corp revealed this feature on March 10, tweeting in its official Twitter account. When this feature did not come, the servers of Xbox and PS4 were different i.e. players with Xbox one could play only with players with Xbox One and PS4 players only played with PS4 players.
Now a question is coming in your mind that how this feature works, then the answer is very easy.

PUBG has given information about it in his official blog. Now your console will have a new friend list under which you can now search for your cross-platform friends and connect with it. All your Xbox One and PS4 players will appear in this friend list.

This cross-play feature is limited to console players only. So if you have PC then this feature will not affect you because as of now the servers of PC and console are different, along with that the game of PC and console is also different because updates of both these games come at different times so that it is revealed that these two games are different for now and its servers are also different.
So if you have a PC, for now, you will be able to play only with PC players but very soon PUBG can also merge these three platforms but this is a matter of future but for now, it will not happen.

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