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Tencent is working on a cloud gaming platform with Huawei

Tencent is working on a cloud gaming platform with Huawei


In today’s era, the Gaming Industries is included in the big Industries and it is becoming bigger day by day because humans love entertainment a lot and video games are also a very good source of entertainment, whether it is in pc, in console or in mobile gaming is a hit on all platforms and people like to play games.

What is cloud gaming?

There are some new innovations in the gaming industry every day and the result of this innovation is cloud gaming. Cloud gaming is the latest technology and is also the future of gaming. Cloud gaming will change the definition of gaming in the future and this technology will be more effective and it will replace our existing gaming platform.

Most of you will definitely know about cloud gaming but those people who do not know what cloud gaming is, then let me tell them. Cloud gaming is a technology with the help of which you can play any game on any platform, whether it is mobile or your TV. You do not need any powerful computers or consoles to play these games, you will be able to play those heavy PC or console games on your tv or mobile phone very comfortably.  To play these games, you only need internet and any digital device such as TV, mobile, tablet, or less powerful desktop. You can play any games on all these devices.

How it’s working?

Now let’s talk about how it works. When you play a game through cloud gaming, the image of the game appears on the screen of your device and the picture is visible due to screen mirroring but is actually running on the game server. In this example, suppose that you are playing cloud gaming whose server is in the US and you live in another country, then the game you are playing, the game runs on the server in America but its screen rendering or Say screen mirroring is in the device where you are playing the game and it is all possible because of the internet.

The company which provides cloud gaming service also charges for that service. It works through subscriptions like we watch our favorite web series and programs by subscribing to Netflix, in the same way, you can play your favorite games by subscribing to these cloud gaming services.

Current cloud gaming service

Cloud gaming is currently very popular and currently, there are three companies that are providing cloud gaming services. Which includes Nvidia, Google, and Microsoft.

Nvidia is the king of graphics cards that has launched its cloud gaming service recently named GeForce Now Service. Google is our second company in the concept of closed gaming. Google has also launched its cloud gaming service and you must have heard about it. Google has named its cloud gaming service Google Stadia and if we talk about Microsoft, the name of Microsoft’s cloud gaming service is Microsoft’s xCloud.

Tencent Cloud gramin service

Tencent Company is a Chinese game development company that has made many games but the most popular game among them is PUBG mobile. This company not only produces games but also runs social media applications such as WeChat.

According to a recent report, the Chinese company Tencent is going to build a cloud gaming platform and in this project, Tencent has collaborated with tech giant Huawei.

Tencent has built a co-innovation lab with Huawei to build its cloud gaming service. Tencent has not named the official name of the project yet, but the project is currently known as GameMatrix. It is obvious that Tencent will need a server for cloud gaming and this requirement will be fulfilled by Huawei’s Kunpeng server on which GameMatrix will work.

No official date has been set for Tencent’s cloud gaming service yet, but we will definitely let you know as soon as we know something about it.

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