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Top 5 battle royale games for android

Top 5 battle royale games for android

Gaming was not very popular in India before. But ever since PUBG mobile has come, the craze of gaming has started increasing in India. Everyone in India, whether a child or old, will definitely know about PUBG mobile. PUBG Mobile has grown up the gaming industry of India and due to this game, many good gamers in India have come out with the help of youtube. So let’s start our top 5 battle royale game countdown.

1. PUBG mobile

PUBG Mobile comes first on the list. It is obvious that PUBG mobile will be in the first position because the Battle Royal game has become famous due to this game.
The second anniversary of this game has started and that is why many new updates have come in the game, so if you have not played this game yet, then definitely play.
You can also earn money by playing this game because this game started E-sport in India. Tournaments in this game are held in India as well as globally, and the winning team in these tournaments also gets a lot of money. So if you are a good player, then you can win a lot of money by participating in the tournament.

2. Call of Duty mobile

The name of this game is enough, if you are a gamer, then you must have played any game of call of duty because this franchise is very old and very popular.
The fan base of this franchise is very big and this is why the mobile version of this game has become so successful because when the call of duty mobile game was launched, this game created a record of more downloads in a short time, and all this was possible. Because of the popularity of this game.
The game also has multiplayer mode along with Battle Royal mode which you will like very much and in the multiplayer mode of the game you will also get the famous maps of the call of duty franchise which will refresh your old memories.

3. Free Fire

Friends, this is the only game that is giving competition to PUBG. The fan base of this game is very large. The special thing about this game is that there have been 500+ million downloads of this game on google play.
Garena free fire is a very good battle royale game. The specialty of this game is the size of the game, which is just 500 MB. The size of this game is very low, due to which this game works well on all devices and does not lag. Because this game is comfortable across all devices, that’s why the player base of this game is very high.
Apart from this, new updates are coming in the game which makes the game more interesting. So if you play PUBG, then you should also try the free fire game because this game is also very good.

4. Fortnite

In spite of not wanting, we had to add fortnite to this list, because this game is not very popular in India but in other countries, this game is much more popular. If you talk about Battle Royal game then PUBG and fortnite were the first to come, but the only difference is that PUBG came first for mobile devices and fortnite later.
Fortnite is a very good game and you can also build a structure in it. The graphics in this game are cartoonish. This game came in the mobile device, but it was very late because by then PUBG mobile was famous all over India.
This game has got very few downloads in the mobile device, due to the size of the game and the optimization of the game. This game was not optimized properly, which is why this game does not work properly on all devices. If you want to play fortnite games then you must have a good mobile device.

5. Cyber hunter

Our last game which appears in today’s list is named cyber hunter. Many people also call this game a copy of fortnite, however, this game is not like this.
The developer of the game has improved this game a lot and that is why you will enjoy a lot in playing this game. In the game, a lot of new things have been given as if you can climb the wall, apart from that you will also get to see different new technologies. Character customization is also very good.
If you play PUBG and free fire, then this game will work like a refreshment for you, in which you will get some new concepts, so if you have not tried this game yet then try it.

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