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Clash of Clans clockwork warden

Clash of Clans clockwork warden


Ever since we have got a mobile phone, this gadget has become one of our basic needs. And it has happened that without this we cannot spend even a few hours.

In today’s world, mobile phones have a big hand in the world of entertainment because earlier when children and adults had to play off-door games to entertain themselves, now people stick to mobile phones day and night. Today’s generation likes to spend most of its time on mobile phones.

Keeping in mind the trend of mobile, nowadays most of the game making company likes to make games for mobile. But competition on the mobile platform is very high, so it is very difficult to make a good mobile game but there is a game that is very good and that is Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a game that has touched every bit of success since its launch. And from the beginning till now this game has remained a favorite of people. You must have played this game once. And even if you don’t play the game, you must have heard about it from people.

This game has been created by Finland’s game developer company SUPERCELL. In this game, the player is the chief of a village. And by using the fighting feature in the game, a player can attack the village of another player and update his village with the loot from the attack. In the game, players can join each other and build clans. And the group of players can also participate in clan wars. Apart from this, the players of the group can also donate their own army to each other.

This game was launched in 2012 and since then the craze and fans of this game have not reduced much. The reason for this is the updates of this game. In this game, updates are coming from time to time and new things are being added so that the players always find this game new. When this game was launched, you could update the game to TH7 and today it has reached up to TH13. The series of updates in the game will not stop, and this game will continue to go on like this. And one of these updates is Clockwork warden.

Clockwork warden

Yesterday, a video was uploaded on the official youtube channel of Clash of Clans. In this video, we have been introduced to the new skin of the Grand Warden, so let’s know about this new skin.

The April Season Challenges  (Clashy Constructs) has started in Clash of Clans. On this occasion, you can win the new skin of the Grand Warden, whose name is clockwork warden and if you watch this video carefully, there were three wooden boxes in it. The Grand Warden has come out of the first box, which means that the other two boxes will also have something special for the players. Whenever we know about the surprise present in these two boxes, we will definitely tell you.

Clockwork warden is a new skin of the Grand Warden which looks very cool in appearance. If we talk about this skin, then this skin of the Grand Warden is made of wood, in which the warden looks like a puppet. This warden has a power source in one hand and Tesla stick in the other hand with the help of which the warden can give a shock to his enemies. If you reach 2600 points in the season challenge then you will be able to unlock the clockwork warden skin.
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