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Death Note Anime review

You are living your normal life and one day suddenly you get a notebook and the special thing about this notebook is that the person whose name you write in it will die. The only condition is that while writing the name of any person in that book, you have to remember his face and if this happened to you, then what will you do? This web series works to answer this question. So let’s start reviewing Death Note Anime.

The show has a total of 37 episodes which is 20 minutes long and the story of this show is over, that is, you will not have to wait for the coming season to finish the story.


A random boy suddenly finds a book falling on the road that does not belong to this world. When he comes to know that if you remember the face of that man while writing the name in the book, then that man will die in 40 seconds.

The boy uses that book to kill the Criminals present in the world. Most people will feel that that child is doing a very good job and is making the world a good place so that good people can live comfortably in this world.

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But what I just told is the story of the first episode of this show and whatever happens in the 36 episodes ahead, you will have to see for yourself.


The beginning of this story may seem interesting to you, but as the episodes progress, it becomes more interesting. In this web series, you will get to see the maximum twist. You will not get as many twists in any show in the world as there are in this show.

While watching this Saris, you have 2 options in front of you. Either you watch this series for Norman entertainment or you use your mind more so that you can understand the labyrinth of the best detective stuff of the show. If you have selected the second option, then you have to pause the show very often and think about how the writer has put his mind in it.

Apart from a lot of twists, you will also get to see a lot of emotional moments in the show. Humer is well-matched with Emotional in the show.

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The pace and momentum of the story start to build from the first episode of the show and it continues to grow, but with a very interesting decision from the character of the show, Light Yagami, a lot of new characters come into the show and it’s Also a corporate angle is added to the show. After this Momentum seems quite flat. The important thing is that even at that time the story is interesting, but if you compare it with the first 12 episodes, then the story seems a little less interesting than that.

But there is a reason hidden behind the flat momentum of the show because after that the story takes off again and at the point at which it ends, this show is going to shock and surprise you a lot.

The music used in the entire series is tremendous. The animation of this show is much more powerful. So if you have not seen this series, then I would suggest that you definitely watch this series once in your life. This is the best anime show I’ve ever seen.

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