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Hasmukh web series review

If you too, like me, are residents of the circle named earth, then it may not be that you have not heard of a psycho killer who, while wearing a clown’s makeup on the face, gives people a meeting directly with Yamraj. Today we will review the Hasmukh web series, in which you will get to see one such psycho killer.

I am talking about the superhit Hollywood film Joker, which did the task of removing the mask on the face of human beings and got all of us exposed to the hidden monster inside. An attempt has been made to repeat this feat once again, the only difference is that this great feat is going to happen in India, not abroad. This joker does not wear makeup, but he is considered to be a great expert in ridding the soul of the body.

You can watch Hasmukh web series on Netflix. There are total 10 episodes in it, which are 30 to 32 minutes long. If you have to watch this show in one day then you will have to sacrifice 5 hours.


There is a comedian named Hasmukh who tries to make people laugh in the small village, street, and colony of Saharanpur. But nothing has gone right with them in life. His first problem is poverty and the second problem is his uncle, who often runs a belt on Hasmukh’s body to calm his anger.

The specialty of his jokes is in his hidden pain. Who slaps on the cheek of a lot of people without a voice, and the person in front is forced to smile loudly even in his own disrespect. But Hasmukh also has another side which he keeps hidden from the whole world which may remind you of the lead character Arthur of the Joker movie.

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In fact, before every comedy show, Hasmukh kills a person who is famous for doing only and only bad things in the world and takes advantage of the weak people. Then whether it is a police officer taking bribe Or a leader making false promises to people all this is included in Hasmukh’s killer list.

Hasmukh has a partner in all this work, whose name is Jimmy, who is his manager to say, but in reality, it serves to hide the dead person after the murder. The story comes to a twist when Hasmukh’s talent goes out to the eyes of some high-profile people sitting in Mumbai, and Hasmukh gets a chance to be part of a famous comedy show.

Just think there is going to be murder before every episode, and that too in a city like Mumbai, where every other person hides a Ravana inside it, will Hasmukh be able to easily fulfill his serial killing motive? And will Hasmukh win the trophy of the comedy show? The web series Hasmukh works to answer all these questions.


The highlight of this show is hidden in its theme Dark Comedy. Which keeps playing with your mind again and again. On one hand, you feel like laughing at the jokes of the show, on the other hand, dangerous murders blow your senses. The way the same character is presented by making both hero and villain in this show, it makes Hasmukh stand apart from the rest of the Indian show.

When you are not willing to consider a serial killer to be bad and do not want to fall in love with a comedian, then understand that you have completely fallen into the labyrinth of powerful writing of the show. But don’t expect high-level comedy from the show because jokes are a little childish to listen to and sometimes fail to make you laugh openly.

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You can see Hasmukh as a thriller in which a vicious minded person is behind the lives of people. The danger is also high because in front of the world Hasmukh puts a mask of naivete and Inside, a demon is hidden in it.

Hasmukh is an intelligent show and you have not seen anything like it in India before. The concept of the show on one side and the dangerous writing of the show, on the other hand, will keep you glued to the screen for five hours.

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