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Diriliş Ertuğrul Review

If you watch the web series Diriliş Ertuğrul, then you must have heard the name of the most famous web series Game of Thrones. This show comes at the top of the world of web series and the show has become an emotion for the people.

Game of Thrones is the best in its place, but have you ever thought that there can be a show that can stand at the level of Game of Thrones? If you have not thought, then think, because a show exists that can challenge the Game of Thrones.

Diriliş Ertuğrul is a masterpiece show. In this show, you will get to see everything from bloodshed, fighting, war, love, worship.

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This is a Turkish show that is why it has been made in the original Turkish language, but you can also see it in Urdu. This show is not available in English or Hindi, that is why you have to watch it in Turkish or Urdu only. But Urdu is not that much tough language, it is just like Hindi and you will understand it very easily.

The total 5 seasons of the show Diriliş Ertuğrul have been released. You have to start from the first season. There are 26 episodes in its first season, which is 40 to 45 minutes long. The best part of this web series is that you do not have to spend any money to watch it. You will find this show on YouTube.


This time the story is associated with Turkish history in the 13th century. This story focuses on the life of a special person named Ertuğrul Gazi. Listening to famous tales associated with Ertuğrul Gazi can make your senses fly.

Ertuğrul Gazi is Osman Gazi’s father in the relationship. They are counted in the top ruler of history. He laid the foundation of the ottoman empire, which later ruled over the whole world for 600 years.  

Now the work is so big, it takes a little bloodshed to complete it and an attempt has been made to keep the same back story open in front of us.

This entire case begins when Ertuğrul saves a helpless family from the clutches of some dangerous people and includes them in the group that runs with them.

The only problem in this is that no one knows about the real identity of the family, due to which Ertuğrul and his group have to face some incidents that shake the entire Turkish history.

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A dangerous war is fought in which vicious thinking of the mind is also used along with the sword. The dirty game of politics also starts in which different colors of love, deception, and greed are available.

One battle is on the battlefield and the other continues in Ertuğrul’s mind as well. Ertuğrul’s own people are against him due to the entire group’s life being threatened for some family, due to which enemies start dominating them.

After that, you get to see a game of life and death that can remind you of the Game of Thrones. There is such a greed of power in which some of their people become traitors and meet the enemy even a small mistake in the identity of them can put thousands of people in danger.


This show is so good that if you watch the first episode of this, then you will not be able to stop watching the rest of its episodes. The biggest feature of this show is the battle put in it which looks realistic. Along with the battle, a lot of bloodsheds is also shown in it.

A special feature of this show is that the female actress has not been retained as a showpiece. Like Game of Thrones, the female character has the power to turn the whole story around and the big twists are also associated with them.

If you want to watch this show, you can watch it from this youtube link.


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