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Annihilation Game: Bangladesh's first Battle Royale Game

Today we will talk about Bangladesh’s first-ever battle royale game named Annihilation. The developers of this game are promoting the game as a sci-fi multiplayer game but according to an article, this is a battle royale game.


If we talk about the story of the game, then the story of this game is very interesting and we have seen this type of story in many games before. According to the story, an alien ship has arrived on Earth and if you have seen a Superman movie then this ship will remind you of the alien ship of that movie.

Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka is shown in the game, where aliens have arrived and spread panic on Earth.

There are about 8 main characters in the game, out of which you can choose your favorite character and play the game. I think the ability of these 8 characters will be different, just like the Apex Legends game. The ability of all the characters in Apex Legends is different.

All these characters are fighting against the aliens. It has also been reported from sources that the story of this game will be shared with other games as well. The Annihilation Game is part of a shared universe, so perhaps other parts of this game can be made in the future, whose story will be linked to each other.


Because this is a battle royale game, the concept of this game is like other battle royale games. In this game you will get 50 players, meaning 50 players will play in a match.

The trailer of this game has been launched. You will get to see these game footage in the trailer. This game is built on the Unity engine.

The arrival of the game from the Asian country is a big thing because the gaming market of Asia is still growing and people here do not have so much engaged in gaming.

The company was going to release a lot of trailers for this game but so far only one trailer has arrived. The company’s game schedule has also been revealed.

Game Schedule

According to the game schedule, the game’s developing first look video was to be launched on March 23 this year, the teaser trailer of the game was scheduled to launch in May 2020, the game’s cinematic trailer, gameplay trailer 1, and gameplay trailer 2 to be launched in June 2020. The final trailer & pre-order will start in July 2020 and Hero’s of Annihilation trailer will be launched in August 2020.

Currently, June 2020 is going on and so far we have not received cinematic trailer, gameplay trailer 1, and gameplay trailer 2. So far, we have got only the first look of this game, in which both the gameplay and the trailer are shown by combining.

The gameplay in this trailer is negligible due to which we are not getting any idea about the gameplay. This trailer only has some cut scenes and cinematic shots which do not define the gameplay, it only defines the environment of the game.

By the way, the location of the game is based on Dhaka, Bangladesh, so you will enjoy playing the game more, but the game also has an issue. There is a need to improve the lighting and texture of the game only then this game will be able to become a high-quality game.

Release Date

Pre-orders of the Annihilation Game will start in July 2020 and the game will be launched in Bangladesh on August 2020 and globally on September 2020.

The game will be launched on steam, Playstation and Xbox.

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