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Code T for Android | Cyberpunk 2077 Mobile

Today we will talk about a game which will not be wrong even if it is called Cyberpunk 2077 mobile version. This game is very similar to Cyberpunk 2077 and the name of this game is Code T. So let’s start today’s article Code T for Android.

You might know the NetEase game developer company. It is a China based company known for making games for mobile phones. NetEase is a very big name in the mobile gaming industries and their specialty is to making high graphics mobile games.

One special thing of NetEase is that this company designs its games by inspiring from other games.

Similarly, taking inspiration from other games, NetEase has created a number of successful games such as Rules of Survival, Identity V, Creative Destruction, LifeAfter, Tom and Jerry game, and Fortcraft, although the Fortcraft game was banned because the game was much more inspired by Fortnite.

Similarly, NetEase’s upcoming games Project Ragnarok, EVE Online, and Murderous Pursuits are also inspired by other games. Code T, the game we are talking about today, is also inspired by a very popular upcoming game called Cyberpunk 2077. You will know this when you see the trailer of Code T game.


The trailer of this game has been launched at TAP TAP Game Store and according to the trailer, this game looks exactly like Cyberpunk 2077.

The Code T game has been created by Messiah, NetEase. This is going to be the best game because this game will run on NetEase’s own engine.

If we talk about the graphics of the game, then the graphics of this game are stunning, and visual is also Incredible. This game is going to be based on dark night but in that darkness, you will see glowing neon lights. Neon lights make the whole city light up.

This game will be based on the future i.e. the story of the game will be set on the year 2063. In 2063, technology has expanded rapidly and the cities of that time have become so modern that they are also called Cyber City.

In this modern world, prostheses have replaced human organs. Wearing these powerful and modern prostheses greatly increases the strength. It also includes chip implantation and mechanical prosthesis. The human body and prostheses work together to prepare a weapon which is very powerful and its energy is like a robot.

The city shining with neon light is beautiful but at the same time, it is also very dangerous. In the Code T game, you will get to see chaotic bounty hunters. They are always ready to fight and they are able to do any work given to them.

Bounty hunters can solve any problem as well as they track the surveillance, they also hunt the target given to them easily, they also do stealing and dangerous transactions, and to do all these things, they use hacking.

The main enemy of Bounty hunters is the big capital companies. They fight them and grab their resources. In this cyber city, people prepare their own team of bounty hunters and keep developing them so that they can use them when needed.


Code T game is currently under development and so far no official news has come about the release date of this game but the pre registration of this game has started.

You can Pre-register this game on TAP TAP. So that when the beta version of this game comes, you can play it first.

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