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Gaming News #9

Hello friends and welcome to Gaming News #9. Today, finally in this post of Gaming News, you will see mobile games related updates, so let’s get started.

Call of Duty Mobile

The update that Call of Duty mobile players have been waiting for a long time has finally come. This update is for season 7. Season 7 has been released in Call of Duty Mobile, which is named Radioactive Agent.

This update is very special because in this update we will get to see the expansion of the battle royale map. In this update, 7 new areas have been given and with this Gulag mode has also been introduced.

Gulag mode is derived from Call of Duty: Warzone but this mode does not work like Call of Duty: Warzone’s Gulag mode. In Call of Duty Mobile, Gulag is a 2 VS 2 gunfight mode. Apart from this, new characters, guns, and skin have been added in this update.

Little Orpheus

The next news is coming from Little Orpheus. Little Orpheus is an action-adventure game. The visuals of this game are quite gorgeous which you can see in its trailer.

The Little Orpheus game is awesome which is based on cosmonaut. It is a side-scrolling action-adventure game and many different locations have been given in this game. If you like puzzle game then you will also like this game because in this game you will have to solve puzzle too.

The Little Orpheus game is currently launched for iOS and Apple arcade only. And if we talk about Android, then no news related to Android of this game has been revealed.

According to us, this game will not be launched for Android because this game is launched on Apple arcade and the games which are launched on Apple arcade are exclusive i.e. such games are not released on any platform other than iOS.

Rocket League Mobile

This news is coming from Rocket League. According to Ryumar, the mobile version of Rocket League is in development. Although no official news has been revealed but a leak has come out.

According to which the mobile developers have been hired by the company and this may mean that these developers are working on the Rocket League mobile version.


Undaunted is a first-person shooter mobile game. The gameplay of this game looks inspired by the Doom game. In this game, you will get to see big monsters, which you can kill with your best weapon.

The game is about to be launched on IOS but no news is available regarding the release date of the game


The first news of PC games is coming from Fortnite. Season 3 of Fortnite has been launched. In season 3, you also get to see a famous DC superhero Aquaman. Many changes have been made in the game map in the new season. Most of the area on the map is submerged in water.

There are also sharks in the game and new challenges are also available. Season 3 is quite late but due to the way it has been made, the players are going to have a lot of fun playing the game.

Star Wars Squadrons

The gameplay trailer of Star Wars Squadrons is released. This is a first-person shooter game. This is a Dogfight game in which you will get to see 5v5 space battle. There will be 2 teams in this 5v5 battle, in which one team will be an empire and the other team will be rebels.

Because this game is the first person, this game will look like a space craft semulator. Developers say that if the game was kept as a third person, then it would be quite over powerd, that is why the game has been kept as the first person.

This game will be released on 2nd October 2020 and when it comes to the game price, its price on Xbox One and steam is about 2500 rupees.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends game is going to come on Nintendo Switch after which this game will support cross-platform multiplayer and this is a very good thing. Earlier Apex Legends was only available on origins, but now this game will also be available on Steam.

If the Switch version of Apex Legends has come, then its mobile version can also come soon because almost all the platform is covered, now only the mobile platform is left.

Skate 4

This news is coming from Electronic Arts. Electronic Arts has announced its Skate 4 game. This game is coming after a long time because the last game of this franchise, Skate 3 was launched in 2010 and now after 10 years Skate 4 is coming.

Rocket Arena

Rocket Arena is a new game. It is a 3v3 shooter game which is quite colorful. This game has 10 characters and the game will support cross-play. This game will be launched on 14 July.

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