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Murderous Pursuits for Android/IOS

Murderous Pursuits is a game in which you have to kill the given target. This game has been created by NetEase and the concept of the game looks inspired by Hitman, a famous game franchise.

NetEase has now become a big name in the world of mobile gaming and the games of this company are also very good. Many times this company brings us such games whose concepts are completely different and that is why it is very fun to play those games.

If we talk about some of NetEase’s Upcoming Games Project, then this company is going to bring the best games like Project Ragnarok and EVE Online very soon and these games will be next level. If we talk about different concepts, then the Murderous Pursuits game meets it. Because you may have seen a concept like this game in a lot less games.

If you have played Hitman game then this game will be very easy for you because the concept of Murderous Pursuits game is same as Hitman game, the only difference is that Hitman game had only one hitman but Murderous Pursuits game has seven hitman.

The main plot of this game is to kill the players playing with you and save your life from them. This means that all players will try to kill each other and the player who stays alive till the last will be the winner of this game.


Murderous Pursuits is an online multiplayer game. The location of this game is an airship in which you are traveling and along with you another 7 players are also traveling in this airship.

The game also has a mysterious party host named Mr. X is and Mr. X is the person who constantly gives you the target and your job is to kill their given target.

Many people are present at this party and in that atmosphere, Mr. X assigns you a target. When you walk, you see an exposure icon. When this exposure icon becomes completely red then you became exposed.

When you are exposed, your target which you have to kill and the player who wants to kill you can easily discover you. To avoid being exposed, you have two ways. The first way is that you have to go to the area in which the white circle is made and the second way is disguise, with the help of which you can change your disguise for 65 seconds.

Out of all the people present in the party, you get an indicator to find the right target. Whenever you go in the direction where your target is, then that indicator starts going green. When you reach near your target, then you will get an ability icon and you will see your target by using it.

Before hitting the target, you have to take care of the guard. Whenever the icon of a guard is red then he is on duty and then you can not kill your target in front of that guard. If you do this, the guard will arrest you. All these things make this game interesting.


If you talk about the download of this game, then this game has not been officially launched but pre-registration of this game has started in Google Playstore and Apple Appstore.

Murderous Pursuits game has been soft-launched in Thailand, so if you live in Thailand then you can download this game from TAP TAP.

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