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Omega Legends for Android | Mini Fortnite

Omega Legends is like a Mini Fortnite. If your phone is of low specification, then this battle royale game will be best for you. So let’s know about this game.

If you like to play battle royale games with good graphics on your mobile device, then many options are available for you such as games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, Cyber hunter. To play all these games, you should also have a good specification mobile phone because you will be able to enjoy good graphics only in a good phone.

There is no tension even if you do not have a good device because lite versions of games like PUBG and Cyber hunter are also available. But if you have to play only Fortnite then no lite version of this game is available because Epic games have not made Fortnite Lite which can run on your low-end device.

If you want to play fortnite in your low-end device then you have another option available called Omega Legends. You can also call it Mini Fortnite because this game is inspired by Fortnite and it is also not wrong to say that Fortnite has been copied in Omega Legends game.

If seen, it was a copy in a way but those gamers who want to play Fortnite in their low end device have benefited from it.


The Omega Legends game was created by a developer company named Skyunion Hong Kong. This game is a battle royale game. In which you will get a vertual battle arena in which you can play with players from all over the world.

In this game you will find many heroes that have different abilities. And everyone has unique powers. You can choose the hero of your choice and use their powers to win.

In the game you will get to see a lot of weapons. You will get to see many different guns that have been tried to make them realistic.

Apart from this, you have also been given the option of a lot of customization in the game. Like every battle royale game you can customize your heroes and weapons.

Omega Legends game is good and by playing this game you will get a feeling of Fortnite. In a way, in this game, you will see not only Fortnite but also some things of Apex Legends, this means that this game has been created by being inspired from all the Battle royale games made so far.

Video game clones

As technology has started growing, the games are also getting better and due to increasing competition, good ideas and new concepts are also needed to make good games.

It has become very difficult to find new ideas for gaming and big companies are also facing this problem but they have an advantage. Big companies have their own separate research department in which research is done but small game developer companies face problems.

Small game developer company does not have many resources so that they can create a good concept for gaming, that is why they copy the idea from big companes. In that concept, they combine his own touch and develop games.

We got to see a similar copy in the Area F2 game as well. The Area F2 game was copied from Ubisoft’s Rainbow six siege game. This game was so much copied that Ubisoft claimed copyright on this game, which caused the game to be closed.

Not only this but when the Fortnite game was launched, a very large mobile game developer company NetEase copied this game and created its own game called Fortcraft. However, this game also got closed because Fortnite had claimed copyright on that game. Looking at all these situations, it seems that perhaps Omega Legends can also be banned.


Now let’s talk about the download of this game. If you want to download this game then you will find this game on TAP TAP. You will not find this game on Google PlayStore because at the moment early access to this game is going on. The best thing about this game is its size because the size of this game is only 400MB.

Currently, this game is available only for Android, but soon it will be available on iOS as well. So hurry up and download this game.

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