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Spider-man Miles Morales Playstation 5 Exclusive

Is Spider-man Miles Morales really Spider-man 2? Will Spider-man Miles Morales launch only in Playstation 5? In today’s post, we are going to answer all these questions and apart from that we will also tell you about the details of Spider-man Miles Morales game, so let’s start.

Miles Morales is the character you will see in the next spiderman game. This means that in this game you will play as Miles Morales, not Peter Parker.


Miles Morales was introduced in the 2018 Spiderman game. In the 2018 Spiderman game, Miles Morales had a completely dedicated stage in which you play as Miles Morales. When Miles Morales is stealing some medicine, Rhino is lying behind him. rhino is a supervillain. This stage was a very good stage because in this you have to complete your mission while avoiding Rhino.

Looking at that gameplay in the Spiderman game, it seemed that Miles Morales was going to be a very big character. Looking at that gameplay in the Spiderman game, it seemed that Miles Morales was going to be a very big character. And it did not prove wrong to think because now a dedicated game of Miles Morales is coming.

Whenever it comes to Spiderman, the same name comes to our mind and that is Peter Parker but now things are changing and now a new face of Spiderman has come in front of us named Miles Morales.

How Miles Morales Become a Spiderman This was shown to us in the 2018 Spiderman game when a spider bites Miles Morales then he turns into a Spiderman. At the end of the game, it is shown that both Miles Morales and Peter Parker are hanging on the wall like Spiderman.

First of all, Spider-man Miles Morales is a Playstation 5 exclusive game i.e. this game will not run in Playstation 4. So if you have recently purchased playstation 4 then this is a bad news for you.

Is Spider-man Miles Morales really Spider-man 2?

This game is not Spiderman 2. Many people may have felt that this is Spiderman 2 but it is not so. Because other than Spider-man Miles Morales, you will get to see Spiderman 2 and 3 ie three major titles.

So the question arises that what is Spider-man Miles Morales, then the answer is that this game is the remastered version of Spiderman 2018. This means that the complete remaster of the 2018 Spiderman game is done and the remaster features graphics, framerates, and new missions. There is no argument that this game is also a big title.

This game is an extension of the story of the 2018 Spiderman game, ie this game will continue the story of the same universe.


Spider-man Miles Morales will be a single-player game. In this game, you will find a black suit instead of the traditional red suit of Spiderman. This game will be completely an AAA title and its gameplay can be 15 to 16 hours or even longer. Along with the main mission, you will also get to see the side missions.

In this game, you will also get to see the new powers of Spiderman. If we talk about new powers, then Spiderman can be invisible in this game and can also generate electric shock with his hands. This information is taken from the trailer, apart from this, no official information is available about this game. If we talk about the release date, then we will get to see this game in 2020.

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