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Ballad of Asura: Indian Game

Today we are going to talk about the Indian God of war game. The name of this game is Ballad of Asura. This game is coming from an Indian game developer.


The developer of this game recently uploaded a gameplay video of this game to YouTube. A short gameplay video of this game has been uploaded and this entire post has been made on the basis of this gameplay.

If you look at the gameplay of this game, then this game will look like God of war and we think that this game has been created by taking inspiration from God of war because the game has many elements which are similar to God of war.

Currently, no official information has come out about the story of the game, but this game may be based on Indian Mythology. Because it is an Indian game and the name of the game is also related to Indian Mythology. The clothing style in the game is also Indian.

Ballad of Asura game is being developed on Unreal engine. If you do not know about the unreal engine, then we will tell you that this is a gaming engine that has been created by Epic games. Most of the modern games created on this engine.

The developers of the game have been working on this game for a long time. Work on this game has been going on for almost 2 years, but for some time, the developer has started working on this game continuously.


The gameplay of the Ballad of Asura game looking very good. There are many things in the game that the developer has done very well such as the graphics, gameplay, camera movement of the game is very good.

The camera angle of the game is directly raised from God of war or we can also say that it is inspired by that. This camera angle looks very good and it also suits this game.

If you talk about graphics, then the developer of the game has done a lot of good work on graphics. The texture of the game is very good, apart from this, much attention has been given to the detailing of the game environment. Which is a very good thing.

The lighting system of this game is amazing. The particle system is also excellent. The fire simulation is also amazing and detailed work has been done on the trees and leaves present in the game. If called in short, it is a high-quality game.

The virtual models of this game are very good and the model of main character in the game is excellent. Although the basic movement of the character is good but it can be made better.

Release Date

Currently Ballad of Asura game is in development but the demo of this game is coming on Diwali.

Currently, no official information has been disclosed on which platform this game will launch. But we think that this game will be launched on PC in the starting. After that the game will appear on the console.

We are exited a lot about this game because it is an impressive game and probably for the first time such a high graphics game is coming from India.

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If you have more information related to Ballad of Asura game, then you can comment in the comment box.

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