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Forgotten Fields Indian Game

India has also entered the gaming world. Today we will talk about an Indian game named Forgotten Fields.

Forgotten Fields game visuals are very good. The game is quite minimalistic and the game design is low polygon. If you have played Indie games, then you must know that such design is very popular in Indie games. We have found this design in many games.

Talking of some similarly designed indie games, it includes games like The Gardens Between, Sea of Solitude, and My Friend Pedro. Those games are very good and it is very fun to play such games.


The story of the Forgotten Fields game is based on a struggling author in which our character goes to his childhood home where his childhood passed. That house of the author is going to be sold. So he goes to the last time there before the house is sold.

After visiting there, he meets some of his friends and he regains his old memory. In this entire game, he is writing a story which is pending due to lack of ideas. And when he comes to his old house and lives his old memories, he gets ideas to complete his pending story.

Basically this game is nostalgic, in which you are going to your old house and you are meeting your old friends and family members, then you will know about the whole life of the author and experience his life.


The Forgotten Fields game is built on the Unity engine. The developer of this game is Frostwood Interactive and the publisher is Dino Digital. If we talk about the Unity engine then this is the same engine on which the Game Annihilation of Bangladesh is made.

This game has an amazing open field and landscape, in addition to this, the graphics of this game are very good. The special thing about this game is camera angle changes according to the situation.

Whenever you are doing a detailed mission, the camera angle will move near the object and if you are in the memory of the character, then the camera angle will be transferred to the first person, which is a very good thing.

A lot of good work has been done on the movement of the character in this game and the controls of the game are also very fluid. The animation of the game is amazing and it is very smooth.

You can compare this game to any international indie game in which the minimalist style is used.

This is a narrative-driven game in which a background story will be played and this story provides you with an emotional feeling.

The background music of the game is phenomenal. Such games give good experience only when their background music is good and this game will not disappoint you on this point.

In the game, our character can interact even from small things. As he can access the computer, drink water, go to the washroom, sleep, can access the internet, and can also write. The interaction with the surrounding object is very amazing.

Release Date

The Forgotten Fields game is currently available on Steam. You can try the demo of this game. Currently, in this demo, you will get to see only one mission of starting.

This game will be launched on PC. At present, there is no official news about the release date of this game but the company has said that this game can be released in late 2020.

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