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Meteor Butterfly And a Sword: Android Game like Ghost of Tsushima

The game which the gamers had been waiting for a long time was finally launched and the game is Ghost of Tsushima. But this game has only been launched on Playstation 4. If you do not have Playstation 4 and still want to enjoy this game then you can play Meteor Butterfly and a Sword game.

Meteor Butterfly And a Sword is a mobile game and this game is like Ghost of Tsushima. This game cannot compete with Ghost of Tsushima because Ghost of Tsushima is a high-quality game but the concept of this game is similar to Ghost of Tsushima.

Meteor Butterfly And a Sword game is created by NetEase company. NetEase is a Chinese company that makes mobile games. This company has made many hit games and in the coming time, more hit games will come from the company.

If you talk about the upcoming games of NetEase, then this includes games like The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War, Code T, Murderous Pursuits, Project Ragnarok, EVE online.


Meteor Butterfly And a Sword is an RPG game, so if you like playing RPG games then this game is for you. In this game, you will get to see a third-person view. This is a 3D game that will make you feel like a PC and a console game.

This game has been created by NetEase, due to which the graphics of the game are very strong. The graphics of this game are colorful and gorgeous, making the game double the fun of playing.

If we talk about the animation of the game, then the animation of this game is great and the movement of the character is also very good. The developers have paid attention to small details which makes the gaming experience even better.

A good game must have good graphics as well as good sound and If we talk about the sound of the game then it is also very good.

Story & Gameplay

According to the story of the game, our hero will fight for his ideals and he will fight against all the bad people who come in his way.

In this game, you will have to fight with lots of enemies and the boss fight will also be seen in the game, the bosses of the game will be very big, which will remind you of games like God of War.

To control the character, the game has been provided with the best MFI control system, with the help of which you can enjoy smooth combat in the game. In the MFI control system, you will see an analog stick and 6 skill buttons, with which you will be able to attack the combo.

In the game, you will get to see many weapons such as large sword, Krabi, nail, knight and with the help of these weapons, you will be able to kill even the biggest enemy.

The size of this game is 3 GB, which is very big, but we also have to understand that good games come in large sizes and you will need a good phone to run this game smoothly.

If you want to play Meteor Butterfly And a Sword game then this game is available at TAP TAP Game Store.

Talking in simple language, Meteor, Butterfly and a Sword is a great samurai game that you will enjoy by playing.

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