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Project V4: V4 is an open-world MMORPG game for Android & IOS and its pre-registration has now begun

If we talk about mobile games, then at present, mobile gaming is dominated by only 2 types of games and gamers are very fond of such games, one of which is online multiplayer games and the other includes 3D RPG i.e. Role-Playing Games. Today we are going to talk about a 3D RPG game called V4 or Project V4.

If we talk about the publisher of Project V4 game, then Nexon company is going to publish this game. Currently, the Nexon company is an emerging company in the mobile gaming industry.

If we talk about the best games published by Nexon company, then this includes games like KartRider Rush and Darkness Rises, and Project V4 is in development.

NetEase games are also working with the Nexon company on Project V4 game. This means South Korean-Japanese company and Chinese game developer company are working together on this project.

NetEase is a giant Chinese game developer company. This company publishes games on its own and together it keeps collaborating with other companies as well.

Currently, NetEase company is working on many other games projects along with Project-V4. If some of NetEase’s upcoming games are talked about, it includes games like Code T, Project Ragnarok, EVE Online, and Murderous Pursuits.

Project V4

Project V4 is an open-world MMORPG game. This game is built on Unreal Engine 4 so that the graphics of this game look impressive and the game runs smoothly. You will get to see real-time gameplay in this game and This game supports cross-platform which includes PC and Mobile.

It is a 3D game and the graphics of the game are much better. This game has been developed by NetEase, so in terms of graphics, this game will be able to compete with any other high graphics game.

The graphics in this game will be of console-quality. The game developer has given 6 different maps in this game to give the experience of console games to mobile phones.

Here are 6 maps of this game: Ravenna Island, Tranje Forest, Orden Plain, Delanoor Forest, Yukabi Desert, Decus Volcano.

In the game, you can choose 6 different classes and ruin your enemy. The game is based on open-world and its map is going to be big, due to which you will be able to explore the entire map easily.

In this virtual world, you can engage with players connected to other servers. There are different modes in the game, in which you can do PVP battle and in addition, you can also do field boss battle with 300 players.

If we talk about customization, then in this game you get more than 50+ different customization options. In this, you can also customize your weapon and armor, which will increase your strength. In this game, you will also get to see pets which you can mount for a ride.

A trading post has also been given in the game, in which you will be able to set the price of your equipment according to your own and can easily trade.

Release Date

Currently, no official information about the release date of the Project V4 game has been revealed. But the pre-registration of this game has started.

You can do pre-registration of Project V4 on Google PlayStore and Nexon company’s official website.

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