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The New Mutants: Comic-Con 2020 Trailer Breakdown

Today we will do The New Mutants: Comic-Con 2020 Trailer Breakdown. In today’s post, we will explain the opening scene and trailer shown by The New Mutants.

The length of this trailer is 4 minutes 13 seconds and in this post, we will breakdown some special scenes of the trailer so if you want to know the complete details about this movie then you can read our The New Mutants: Movie New Photos Breakdown post.

Opening scene

In the opening scene of the trailer, we get to see the character of Moonstar where his father is trying to save him from something which along with Moonstar is ruining the entire town.

In this film, Adam Beach is playing the role of Moonstart’s father and we have also seen him in the film Suicide Squad. Adam Beach has been given a small role in this film, in which he will be killed in the opening scene of the film and he will be killed by Demon Bear.

The same thing happens in the comic book of The New Mutants. In that comic book, we are shown the story of Moonstar, and demon Bear is a part of the same story. It may be that Moonstar is responsible for all these incidents and for this reason the girl is kept in a facility where they are experimented on.

In a dialog, Dr. Cecilia Reyes says that if those mutants had not been here, they would have been imprisoned in some prison because they all have their place in the prison.

But at present, this facility is not less than prison because the place looks cool and open but that facility is surrounded by an invisible energy barrier created by Dr. Cecilia Reyes.

We get to know from the opening scene of the film that the entire focus of the film is on the character of Moonstar. In the film, it will also be shown how Moonstar has been tied to this facility in a false accusation.

Trailer Breakdown

The main Villen of The New Mutants film is none other than the demon bear. The power of the demon bear is much more dangerous because whatever the demon bear does in the film, all the accusation of it falls on the mutant who has seen it. Demon Bear’s power increases due to the fear of people.

If we talk about other powers of demon bear, then one power of demon bear is also corrupting the soul of people. And it can happen that Dr. Cecilia Reyes be in control of the demon bear.

In a scene, we can see Magik attacking Moonstar, to stop the attack of Magik Dr. Cecilia Reyes has created an energy circle around Moonstar because if Magik kills Moonstar then all the magic will be over which Dr. Cecilia Reyes absolutely does not want to.

In one of the scenes in the trailer, we can hear the demon bear talking. With the voice of the demon bear, it seems to be a female character and it may be that this character is Dr. Cecilia Reyes.

If we talk about Magik then she is a much more powerful mutant. And in the trailer, we can also see her fighting with the demon bear. She fights with demon bear in her mechanical dimension where her power greatly increases and there can be no better place to defeat demon bear than this.

The mutants are afraid to use their powers in the film’s starting, but later they all learn to use their powers properly except for Moonstar as Moonstar tries to control her powers throughout the film but her power does not control and Dr. Cecilia Reyes takes advantage of the same thing.

Release Date

A lot of the release date of this film was set and it was canceled due to some reason and that is why the fan of this movie trolled Disney a lot.

Now Disney has set another release date for this film which is 28th August 2020. Disney wants to launch this film in theaters.

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