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Will PUBG Mobile Get Banned in India?

If you live in India and like to play PUBG mobile then you would also have a question that will PUBG mobile get banned in India? So today we will try to answer your question.

59 Chinese apps banned in India

Some time ago 59 Chinese apps were banned in India which included some famous apps and games. According to the official report, the 59 Chinese apps that were banned could have leaked the data of the people, which could threaten India’s security, which is why these apps were banned.

The 59 apps that were banned had a large user base and were popular apps, but PUBG mobile, India’s most popular game, was not included in that list.

Because PUBG mobile was also created by Tencent, a game developer company in China, it was possible that PUBG mobile might get banned.

275 more Chinese apps on India’s radar

Now the Indian government is also examining the remaining Chinese apps under which a list of 275 Chinese apps has been prepared which can be banned. This time the bad news for PUBG mobile was that PUBG mobile is also included in the list of these 275 Chinese apps.

In the list of these 275 Chinese apps, 47 apps were banned today, which included some lightweight apps.

The good news is that at the moment PUBG Mobile is not included in this list of 47 apps but PUBG Mobile is still under threat. Now India’s PUBG players are worried about whether their favorite game PUBG mobile will also be banned?

The market of PUBG mobile in India is very large and if we talk about the statistics, 24% of the market of PUBG is from India and 175 million users of this game in India, which is a very large base.

If PUBG mobile is banned in India, then Tencent could incur huge losses due to this and that is why the company will make all possible efforts to save PUBG mobile from getting banned.

Will PUBG Mobile Get Banned in India?

If we talk about the banned Chinese apps, then all the apps are banned due to privacy and security, but one good thing is that the company already knew this and the company already update PUBG’s privacy policy and security according to India.

All those Chinese apps that have been banned were collecting lots of user data, due to which the company making these apps was accessing valuable data of the people, which could pose a threat to the security of the country. This is why all those Chinese apps are banned but this is not the case with PUBG mobile.

Because PUBG mobile is taking only 2 permits from our phone which is microphone and storage. This game collects very little data from the user and for this reason PUBG mobile is safer than other Chinese apps.

Most of the people think that PUBG mobile is a completely Chinese game but this is not true. PUBG Mobile is not completely Chinese because the company called Bluehole is developing and running PUBG mobile and Bluehole is a Korean company.

If we talk about Tencent, then it is a Chinese company that has published PUBG mobile and Tencent does the promotion of the game, for this reason, PUBG mobile is not a completely Chinese company. PUBG’s not being fully Chinese can give it an edge.

PUBG mobile follows Indian policy and security, this game collects a very small amount of data and most importantly, PUBG mobile is not completely Chinese. If we keep all these points in mind, then PUBG mobile has less likely to be banned in India.

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