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Black Myth: Wukong China's first premium game

The video of the Black Myth Wukong game was recently uploaded to youtube and soon after that, the game became popular among gamers. This game is coming from a Chinese game studio. Black Myth Wukong is a Chinese action game based on Chinese Mythology.

Chinese Mythology

The reason for this game being famous is Chinese Mythology. There is a film series based on Chinese Mythology called Monkey King. Monkey King has a lead character in the movie named Sun Wukong. This movie was very famous and the main character of Black Myth: Wukong game has also been made like Sun Wukong of Monkey King movie and the name is also kept the same, due to which this game has become famous before release.

The game’s character Wukong is a great warrior and has some superpowers so that he can turn into a bee and a big monkey whenever he wants, as well as he is a master at fighting.

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This game is made by a Chinese game studio named Game Science. Game Science is not a very big game developer studio, but the people who run this studio used to work in Tencent, a famous game developer company in China. Separating from the company, some people created their own game studio, and after 2 years of hard work, the gameplay trailer of a game like Black Myth: Wukong has arrived.


This game is China’s first AAA title. It appears to be a very premium game from the trailer. The gameplay of the game is of the next level and a lot of good work has been done on small details. The game’s graphics, environment, and character are eye-catching and we can call this game a true next-generation game.

Black Myth: Wukong game is being made on Unreal Engine 4. lots of information related to this game has been revealed from the 13 minutes gameplay video. Currently, this game is being made for PC, but after that, we will see this game on the next-generation console as well.

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Release Date

There is currently no information available about the release date of this game as the game has been in development for 2 years and it has been said from the game studio that they are hiring 19 new developers to complete the game quickly. we think this game will be released in the next 1 or 2 years.


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