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Civilization 6 is now on Android with free trial

Civilization 6 has finally been launched for Android devices. Civilization is a very popular and successful game franchise and it is a strategy based game franchise whose first part was launched in 1991.



So far 7 games of the Civilization franchise have come and fans have liked these games very much. The last part of this franchise came in 2016 which was Civilization VI and the same latest part for Android devices has also come.

The civilization 6 game that was recently launched on Android, the same game has been launched on iOS a year ago however, the game was paid on iOS. So will this game be paid for Android too?

The name of the civilization game defines this game. This is a strategy game. In this game, you can create an empire of your own in which you have to interact with history. In the game, your empire will start from an early age, and as you progress in the game, your empire will also become modern. 

This game is so good and addicted that people who like strategy games can play this game for hours because there is a lot of activity to do in the game that no one can get bored of it.

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You can download the Civilization 6 game for free from Google Playstore, but there is a twist here because the whole game is not free. This game is free only for the first 60 turns, after that you will have to pay for the game.

After 60 turns you will have to pay $ 19.99 to play this game. In a simple way, the game demo will be available for free, but you will have to pay for the full game. Paying $ 19.99 will not end the matter because for expansion of this game such as Rise and Fall and The Gathering Storm will have to be paid separately.

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