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DC Fandome Full Schedule Breakdown

Today we will talk about the official schedule of DC Fandome. In this event, fans will get to see lots of surprises.

When DC Fandome was announced, fans had a question as to whether the event would be like a Comic-Con@Home event? So the answer is no because DC Fandome has been made differently for fans, in which you will have a different experience.

In the DC Fandome we will be given a virtual character who will go to the virtual stadium and enjoy this event of DC. We will get to see the list of all the events on the screen, but it will be our wish that we want to see which event.

Total 6 different categories have been created in DC Fandome. This category is as follows.

  1. Hall of Heroes
  2. Watch Verse
  3. Kids Verse
  4. You Verse
  5. Fun Verse
  6. Insider Verse

Seeing this chart of DC Fandome, many people are confused about which event they should attend? The answer to this question is that if you are more connected to TV shows, then you should attend a Watch Verse event.

In Watch Verse shows like The Flash, Black Lightning, Doom Petrol, Pennyworth, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Superman & Lois, Titans, Batwoman, etc will be announced.

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If you are a fan of DC movies, then you should attend the Hall of Heroes event. Today we will talk about the Hall of Heroes, which is the most important for DC fans.

If we talk about the timing of this event, then this event will be started in India on 22nd August at 10:30 PM and this event will finish on August 23 at 6 AM.

Wonder woman 1984 – Panel

This panel will start at 10:30 PM and this panel will run for 25 minutes. In this panel, the director of the film will reveal a lot of details related to this film. It is possible that in this panel we will get to see the new poster and trailer of the film as well.

Multiverse 101 – Panel

Multiverse 101, has a timing of 11:50 PM and this panel will run for 25 minutes. This panel will help in understanding the multiverse. That is, now the concept of multiverse is coming to DC and it will be started with Flash film.

Introducing Flash – Panel

This panel will be started at 12:15 PM. This panel has got only 10 minutes but these 10 minutes will be enough to give details of the film. This film is going to be very special because this film is going to bring the concept of multiverse to DC Universe.

Beyond Batman

This panel is going to give us some interesting details of the 1966 old Batman show. This panel will start at 12:25 PM which will end in just 5 minutes.

The Suicide Squad – Panel

This panel will start at 12:30 and will run for half an hour. The director of this film, James Gunn, has exited a lot about his film. In this panel, we can see from the trailer of The Suicide Squad to the official posters.

The Joker: Put on a Happy Face

This event is based on Joker, the most dangerous villain of DC Universe. This panel will start at 2:10 AM which will run for only 5 minutes and details will be given about the character of the joker.

The Snyder Cut of Justice League – Panel

This panel will start at 3:15 AM and this panel has been given 25 minutes, in which Jack Snyder will give all the details related to his film. In this panel, we will also be shown a trailer of the film, on which work is still going on.

Black Adam – Panel

This panel will start at 3:40 AM which will last only 15 minutes. Production of this film has not been started yet, but still, lots of details related to this film will be given to us in this panel. In this panel, we will be given the information of the plot of Black Adam film and together with the look of Black Adam and the logo of the film can also be seen.

Aquaman – Panel

Aquaman’s panel will be started at 4:30 AM which will be of 10 minutes. Perhaps the details of Aquaman’s sequel can also be given in this panel.

Shazam – Panel

Shazam’s panel will be started at 5:05 AM which will be of 10 minutes. Shazam’s sequel will be announced in this panel as the film’s director himself confirmed it on his Twitter account.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

This is a game and it is known from the title of this game that in this game we are going to see the members of Suicide Squad who will kill Justice League. This game is coming from Rocksteady Studios, this company is known for making high-end games. This panel will be started at 5:40 AM. This panel has got 20 minutes

The Batman – Panel

This will be the last panel of this event which will start at 6:00 AM and this panel has been given half an hour. In this panel, many surprises related to the film will be presented in front of fans. This panel will probably also include the trailer of the film.

Apart from all these, many more movies will be announced in the Hall of Heroes, but in this post, we have included only those films which are more important.

Hurry up and make your schedule for DC Fandome.

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