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New Made in India Prince of Persia Game is Coming in November 2020

Recently a new leak related to the Prince of Persia game has come out. This leak is 99.99% true. This new game of Prince of Persia can come by November 2020.

The leak is coming from a Spanish online store where they mistakenly listed the Upcoming Prince of Persia game but after some time the game was removed, but by then a Twitter handle named Ken Xyro took the screenshot.

This listing shows that the new Prince of Persia game arrives in November 2020. This game will come for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but there is no information about the other platform yet.

This game is probably a remake of Prince of Persia Sands of time. Apart from this, a trusted video game generalist Jason Schrier has confirmed this news. Jason Schreier tweeted that this news is true and Ubisoft will announce the game at the next Ubisoft event which is going to be organise next month.

Ubisoft is currently working also on a VR game of Prince of Persia called Prince of Persia Dagger of Time. This will be a small game that you can play in VR. they have also released the trailer of this game.

This upcoming game of Prince of Persia is a remake of the 2003 Prince of Persia Sands of time and the game is being made in India.

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Some part of Prince of Persia Sands of time game was based on India and the character farah of the game is also Indian, hence Indian has also been hired for the voice of this character. Ubisoft India will be written at the starting of this game, while in the old game Ubisoft Montreal was written.

Ubisoft currently wants to test the game by making a remake of the game to see if the game will run in the market and if there is more sales of this game then they will make other games of this franchise in future.

Because making a new game requires both money and time and with every new game, the risk factor of its success and failure is also associated and Ubisoft does not want to take this risk.

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