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Super Archer: New Super Troops Coming to Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a popular strategy-based mobile game. Currently, Clash of Clans holds the title of the best strategy mobile game because the game has more than 500 million downloads on Google Playstore. Such a huge milestone has been achieved by this game with its great gameplay and fresh new updates. Last time, a big update in this game came through super troops, in which 4 super troops were introduced to us. At present, there are 6 super troops in the game, but very soon there will be an entry of the 7th troop which will be Super Archer.

Every Super troops has an ability, similarly, the Super Archer also has an ability. The Super Archer looks a bit different from the normal archer. Talking about looks, a mask like sneaky goblin is on the face of Super Archer and now both her eyes and her bow are glowing.

If we talking about the ability of the Super Archer then the arm strength of the Super Archer has been increased. With powerful arms she can damage multiple buildings with an arrow but this building should be in a straight line.

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To convert Normal Archer into Super Archer, you will need 7 days and 50000 dark elixir. Damage per second of Level 9 Super Archer will be 132 and her hit points will be 500 which is a good thing. The training time of Super Archer will be 1 minute 12 seconds and to train her you will need 8400 elixir, which is a bit more. The housing space of the normal archer was only 1 but the housing space of the Super Archer would be 12, which is much more and her movement speed will be 24.

Damage will be the same for all buildings that the Super Archer will hit. Well Super Archer is very good troop but if we talk about its use, then we can use Super Archer to make funnel.

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