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Dirty Revolver Game Coming for Android Soon

Dirty Revolver game is a third-person action shooting mobile game and this game is completely offline. The game is based on the Wild West, featuring a cowboy’s journey. This is a story-based game in which players will play the role of a cowboy who wants to revenge the victimization that happened to him.


According to the story, the main character of the game was a child, when his mother was killed by Wesley’s men, and along with that the entire village was destroyed by them, but then that child’s father took him to a safe place and train him to fight against evil people. When that child grows up to become a mature man, then his father also dies, after that, the man revenges his mother’s murder and punishes the culprits.


Dirty Revolver game will not disappoint players in terms of graphics. An attempt has been made to make the graphics of this game real but at the same time it looks a bit cartoonish but despite that it is fun to play the game. Colors have been kept bright in the game and character animation has also been closely worked, besides the cut scenes shown in the game are also fantastic.

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To enhance the experience of playing the game, different weather conditions have also been added in it, such as rain, snow, sunny and storm, as well as atmospheres such as desert life, snowy hills and green plateaus will be available in the game.


Total 4 cities have been given in this game which includes Coldwater, Springday, Dirtycity and Darkwater. All these cities have many different missions like First Raid, Opportunity, Escape, Prisoner, Peace offering. Combining all these missions, the size of the game is avrage and it does not take much time to play the entire game.

Combat system

This game is basically a shooting game, due to which a lot of guns have been given in the game. In the game, the character can fight on the ground and also while riding a horse. There are many different types of enemies in the game whose strength is different. The control of the game is quite easy as there are very few buttons in this game.

Release Date

The Dirty Revolver game already launched for iOS devices, which can be downloaded from Apple’s Appstore. This game is paid for iOS, which has to cost ₹ 29 to download the game but currently the game has not come for Android and there is no official information available about the release date of the game but this game will be released for Android very soon.

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