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PUBG Mobile Banned in India with 117 other Chinese Apps

Some time ago Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps in India, which included India’s famous app Tiktok. After that India’s most popular game PUBG mobile was also on the radar of Indian government and review of PUBG mobile was also going on, but finally, PUBG mobile was banned in India, and not only this, along with PUBG’ Mobile 118 other Chinese apps has also been banned.

About PUBG

Tencent company’s PUBG Mobile comes in 5th rank by the list of top 5 smartphone games all over the world because this game has more than 734 million downloads worldwide. PUBG Mobile is India’s most played game and PUBG has 50 million active players across India. 13 million players play this game daily.

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Why PUBG mobile was banned in India?

The reason why PUBG mobile was banned in India is related to the security of the country. According to the Indian government, all Chinese apps that banned in India were taking valuable data of Indian users, which can become a threat to the security of any country and that’s why this type of Chinese apps was banned in India.

There are many people who keep playing PUBG mobile for hours and there were many YouTubers for whom PUBG mobile was not just a game but a way to earn money because they used to live stream of PUBG mobile on youtube, now the gates of PUBG game have been closed for them.

Effect on People

There were 2 effects of PUBG mobile in India. The first is a positive effect. In which people used to play this game only with entertainment purpose and in the limit, apart from this, this game also revealed the hidden talent of people in which they also earned money by playing PUBG mobile. On the other hand, it has lots of negative effects on those people who play PUBG beyond the limit and used to spend the whole day playing this game.

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There are many games like PUBG mobile in the market for those people who used to play PUBG mobile. In those games, Call of Duty Mobile is a big contender, besides India’s second most popular battle royale game Free Fire can also be a replacement of PUBG in India.

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