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PUBG Mobile India Approved by Government

There is a lot of excitement among the Indian gamers regarding PUBG Mobile India and since the official announcement of this game, new updates about the game are coming every day and another big update has come on this topic under which the PUBG Mobile India game has been approved by the Indian Government.

PUBG game’s founder PUBG corporation has registered its subsidiary company in India named PUBG Mobile India. Due to registering the subsidiary company in India, it can now be considered as an Indian company and the games launched by this company will also be considered as Indian games.

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The company was registered on 21 November under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, which costs about 5 lakhs. To bring this game back to India, PUBG corporation has invested a lot of money which when converted to Indian currency, this amount is estimated to be ₹739.72 crores.

PUBG Mobile India company has been registered in Bangalore, India that is, the company’s headquarters will be built in Bangalore and the game will be fully operational from here.

To handle such a large business, such leaders will also be needed who can run the company fluently, for which 2 directors have been appointed. One of which director is the head of Krafton company’s corporate development sector named Sean Hyunil Sohn and the other director is an Indian named Kumar Krishnan Iyer, and the special thing about him is that he is already a director of 10 companies which includes two big companies Accuweather and Spotify.

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Now PUBG Corporation will do completely solo work in India i.e. they will not have any partnership with any other company as the result of partnering with Tencent was not in the interest of the company and perhaps that is why the company decided to do solo work. Many changes will be seen in the Indian version of PUBG mobile, such as Indian culture will be added to the game and perhaps the color of blood will also be changed which is currently red in the global version.

The introduction of this game will greatly benefit those people who are professional gamers or who want to become professional gamers, because, like the global version, regular eSports tournaments will also be organized in the Indian version too, whose price pool will also be large. The game will promote eSports in India, which will lead to the development of eSports in India and create a new dimension in the Indian gaming sector.

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