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Clash of Clans December 2020 Update: Super Wizard, LOG Launcher

Clash of Clans has announced Super Wizard and LOG Launcher in the second and third sneak peek day of its upcoming December 2020 update. The first sneak peek of the update revealed the Invisibility Spell and new levels.

Super Wizard

Currently, Clash of Clans has Total 9 Super troops which includes Super Barbarian, Super Archer, Super Giant, Sneaky Goblin, Super Wall Breaker, Inferno Dragon, Super Witch, and the recently added Super Minion & Super Valkyrie. One special thing about Super troops is that they all have different abilities and now Super Wizard will also be added to this to make the army of super troops more powerful.

The Wizard is probably the smartest troop of the Clash of Clans, and now a powerful version of the same troop will come as the Super Wizard. The Super Wizard has the Chain Magic ability to help him drop a powerful chain fireball that hits multiple targets.

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To convert Normal Wizard to Super Wizard, the Wizard must be level 9 and the town hall must be level 12. 25,000 dark elixirs will have to be spent for the conversion. Super Wizard has a housing space of 10 and will hit all targets, Damage per Second – 240, Hitpoints – 500, Training Cost – 11,500 Normal Elixir, Training Time – 1m 15s, and Movement Speed – 20 of Level 10 Super Wizard.

LOG Launcher

The role of Siege Machines in Clash of Clans is very big because it has become very easy to attack with the help of these machines. Currently, the game has Total 4 siege machines which includes Wall Wrecker, Battle Blimp, Stone Slammer, and Siege Barracks and now it will include another siege machine named LOG Launcher. The name of this machine suggests that this machine will launch logs and the special thing of this machine is that it will give 4 times more damage to walls than defenses i.e. LOG Launcher will do the work of wall breaker.

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To unlock the LOG Launcher, the Workshop will have to upgrade to Level 5, which will cost 16 million elixirs. Level 4’s LOG Launcher will have Damage per Second – 200, Hitpoints – 5200, Training Cost – 1,00,00 gold Training Time – 20m, and Movement Speed – 5.

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