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Mumbai Gullies game: trailer, features, release date and everything you need to know

Mumbai Gullies is an upcoming PC game and the plot of this game will be similar to GTA games. The game is being developed by the Indian game development studio GameEon.

GameEon is an Indian mobile game development studio based in Mumbai. The founder of the studio is Nikhil Malankar who also has a youtube channel where he shares the knowledge and experience of game development. The surprising thing is that Nikhil did not announce the Mumbai Gullies game officially on his youtube channel, but the announcement of this game was done at the recent Indian game developer conference.

The GTA game franchise is famous all over the world and most of the people must have played the games of this franchise because the craze of GTA franchise games is very much among the people and now to increase the same craze the game Mumbai Gullies is being created by an Indian developer based on the same concept.

The idea of making the Mumbai Gullies game came to Nikhil when he created Shahrukh Khan‘s mode for GTA game. The development work of this game started 5 years ago and the game is still under development. The name of the game itself suggests that this game will be based on Mumbai city. A map like Mumbai City will be prepared in the game, which will also include many famous locations of Mumbai.

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It will be an open-world crime game due to being inspired by GTA. In starting, it will be an offline story-based game, but after the launch, if the response of the people will be positive about the game then it is possible that an online multiplayer mode can also be added to this game in the future, in the same way as GTA Online is a multiplayer mode of GTA 5.

GameEon Studio has a very good game development experience as they have made around 40+ games for mobile so far which have also had 100+ million downloads on Google Playstore. The experience of mobile game development will definitely help GameEon to make its first PC game.

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It is also possible that they can make the Mumbai Gullies game an AAA title because this game is being made on Unreal Engine 4 and with the latest technology and powerful game engine, it has become easy to make PC games, in which you can also make an AAA title game in less effort.

Currently, the exact official release date of the game has not been announced, but developers say that the game will come after 2 years i.e. the Mumbai Gullies game is likely to be launched in 2023.

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