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Call of Duty Mobile: Season 1 New Order, Release Date & Features

Currently, season 13 is running in Call of Duty Mobile, according to which the next season of the game should be 14, but this will not happen as Activision has announced season 1 in the new year by resetting the orders of the seasons.

A lot of people will be troubled by the question that what will be the logic of bringing season 1 again in the game instead of season 14? But it is not at all the case that this is going to happen only in Call of Duty Mobile because it has happened in the Fortnite game too and it is a very popular and big game title.

Recently a 14-second teaser of season 1 was released on the game’s social media account. This small teaser does not give full details about season 1 but there are 5 features that can be included in season 1. Along with the teaser, some details have also been received from the sources about its release dates.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 New Order Features

Season 1 is named New Order. Like every season of the game, a new map for multiplayer mode will also be released in season 1, but it also includes a little twist. If you play multiplayer mode of CODM, then you will know about its Rebirth map but in season 1 we will get to see the Rebirth map instead of a dedicated new map which will be changed slightly and its name has been changed to Reclaim.

The special thing about CODM game is that each new season brings with it some new Weapons and in Upcoming season 1 we will also see 2 new Weapons which includes FR.556 assault rifle and SKS rifle.

Along with a new (MP) map and guns, a new mode will also be included in the next season, named Attack of the Undead (AOTU). In AOTU mode, Total 20 players can play simultaneously. From the beginning, the battle royale mode of this game had only one map which was its default map, but in season 11 a new map was also released for battle royale which was Alcatraz and now a new battle royale mode is coming in the upcoming season 1 of the game

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 New Order Release Date

In the official announcement, no details were given about the exact release date of season 1, but according to sources, Season 1 of Call of Duty Mobile is going to be released on 26, January and India’s most trending mobile game FAU-G will also be launched on the same day which will double the fun of gamers.

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