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Gaming News #15: PUBG PC Update 10.2, GTA 5 Online Update, Mumbai Gullies Trailer, Everywhere Game Release Date, GTA 6 Leaked Email, Farcry 6 Release Date, Upcoming Assassins Creed Game

There is a lot of interesting news in this post of Gaming News which includes games like GTA 6, Everywhere game, PUBG mobile, Mumbai Gullies, Farcry 6, and Assassins Creed.

PUBG PC Update 10.2

Many new features have come in the new update of PUBG PC and a new vehicle has also come with it. The game will soon have a weekly PUBG Global Invitation event in which teams from all over the world will compete and will also win prize money. The live stream of these events will be done within the game itself. Miramar and erangle map has 10 displays and when the event is live, the entire live stream of the event will be shown on these screens, if you do not want to see these streams, then the option to turn them off is also given in the settings. A new 2-seater sports car is coming in the game, which will be named coup RB and it will run at a speed of 150 KMPH.

GTA 5 Online Update

GTA 5 online has brought some new updates in which we will get a new Weevil car, as well as players who participate in Motor Wars, will get 3X cash and XP. On logging in the game, there will be a hat in the reward, and in addition to this, there will be a great discount on the vehicle.

Mumbai Gullies Trailer

The trailer of the Mumbai gullies game is scheduled to be launched on 15th January. Some leaks related to the locations of this game have come out, according to which the gateway of India, Bombay stock exchange, and houses of celebrities will also be seen in the game as Mumbai is known for Bollywood. Apart from this, Mukesh Ambani‘s expansive house will also be seen in the game.

Everywhere Game Release Date

It is a rival game of GTA 6 which is formed by 3 ex-employees of Rockstar North Company, Leslie Benzies, Matthew Smith, and Colin Entwistle. The 1-year-old legal document of this company has been leaked in which a lot of important information related to Everywhere game has been described. It has been written in this document that the Everywhere game will be released in the fourth quarter of 2021 and it has been written that it is a very ambiguous game due to which its launch may also be delayed.

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Recently, a statement related to the game was given on their official Twitter account, in which they told that they are changing the game engine of Everywhere game from Amazon Lumberyard to Unreal Engine, which can also cause the game to be delayed.

GTA 6 Leaked Email

There has been a leak related to GTA 6, in which an email from Rockstar Games has been leaked. Chiko Kan, a music producer, tweeted on 31st December that he had received an email from Rockstar Games for a work offer. It was written in that email that you are going to give music for the huge project coming in 2021, the big project described in this email could be GTA 6.

PUBG Mobile India

It seems that there is currently too much time left for PUBG mobile India to be launched because according to the latest news, PUBG Corporation / Kraftone has not held any meeting with the Indian government for the launch of the game.

Farcry 6 Release Date

Fans of the Farcry franchise are waiting for its upcoming title Farcry 6, but no one is aware of the exact date of the game, but the game was listed on Amazon India recently, in which the launch date of the game was kept on 31st December 2021 Which is very late.

Upcoming Assassins Creed Game

A few days ago there was a leak on the Upcoming Game of Assassins Creed that its next game may come in 2022 and maybe the game may have a setting of China. According to sources, the setting of China is not confirmed because the developers are currently thinking about the setting of China, Japan, and India.

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