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Mumbai Gullies: Platforms, System Requirements, Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

Mumbai Gullies
(Image via GameEon Studios, YouTube)

The trailer of Mumbai Gullies i.e. India’s GTA game has been launched and people are also excited a lot for this game. Many big YouTubers of India have reacted to the trailer of this game, after which the hype of this game has increased, but along with the hype, there are many questions about this game in the mind of the people, so this article will work to answer those questions because, In this article, all the questions have been answered which are troubling the people.

Mumbai Gullies is an upcoming open-world game that is being developed by Indian game development studio GameEon, whose founder is Nikhil Malankar. GameEon is a Mumbai based company that makes mobile games and Mumbai Gullies will be the first game of GameEon to be launched for PC.


Modern games are becoming so realistic that we forget to differentiate between real life and games. Openworld games like GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are so realistic in which we can do almost all the basic things that we do in real life. Mumbai Gullies game have also been made realistic, in which we can drive trains, bikes, and cars, call Autorickshaw, go to hotels, eat food, invest in the stock market, make own stalls etcetera.


The name of the game itself suggests that this game will be based on Mumbai which is included in the popular city of India. This entire game will be based only on Mumbai City, but references to other popular cities of India have also been given in the communication between the game’s dialogues and characters.


It is an Indian game due to which many primary languages ​​spoken in India along with English have been added to the game, including Hindi, Marathi, and many regional languages. The company’s focus is to aim the Mumbai Gullies game internationally, due to which the subtitles of this game will be in the English language. It is a GTA type game, due to which Hindi and other language abuse has been added to the game as abuse is part of expressionism and such games remain incomplete without abuse.

Multiple Protagonists

In GTA 5 game we get 3 Protagonists i.e. that game has 3 playable characters and the story moves according to them but there is no such feature in Mumbai Gullies game. However, there will be many characters with progress in the story that you will be able to control.


At the moment there is an era in which every story mode game also has an online mode in which we first complete the story mode of the game, after that, we also play online mode with our friends, a good example of which is GTA Online but this feature will not be available with the release of Mumbai Gullies, although CEO of GameEon Nikhil Malankar has confirmed it that when the game will be launched for single player, after that, they will think about developing the online version of the game.

Bollywood Reference

Mumbai City is known because of Bollywood and Mumbai Gullies is incomplete without Bollywood references due to which the game will have many references of pop culture, Bollywood songs, and memes which make the game even more enjoyable.


Currently, this game is being developed for PC only because currently the company does not have developers who can develop the game for the console but after the launch for PC, the game will also come on the console. According to Nikhil, there is no chance of this game coming to mobile at the moment, because at this time their focus is only on the PC version.


Mumbai Gullies game is a huge project whose development cycle is very big, i.e. many people will work for 2 to 3 years to make this game. The employee’s salary and the cost of the expansive equipment used to make the game is very high, to balance it the game will be paid, but the cost of this game will be kept affordable so that everyone can buy the game. The game will have versions like Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum whose price will be decided according to the version.

Mumbai Gullies System requirements

Currently, the game is in development, due to which no official details about its system requirements have been revealed, but it is being speculated that the PC that runs GTA 5 will also run the Mumbai Gullies game. A less powerful PC will also suffice to run this game.

Mumbai Guliies Release Date

The trailer of the Mumbai Gullies game has been launched but there is still a lot of time left for the game to be released. The game is currently in pre-production so it will take around 9 months to build a prototype of the game’s base level and it will take almost 2 years to fully develop this game I.e. ‘Mumbai Gullies game will be released for PC in 2023.

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