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Top 5 Open World Games Bigger Than Earth

The popularity of open-world games has always been higher than other category games because in open-world games we can explore new locations and go to any location without any restrictions, due to this freedom, open-world games have become famous. As technology advances, the maps of these games are getting bigger and this is why it is difficult for us to explore these maps completely, that’s why in this post we will talk about the Top 5 Open World Games Bigger Than Earth, which is almost impossible to explore.

5. Minecraft

This game was launched on 2009 and since then till now the popularity of this game has remained. This game is very addictive due to its gameplay and build features. In this game, we keep moving forward but this game never ends, which makes us think that Minecraft’s map has a never ending but it is not so. The total area of the Minecraft game is 600 million sq km which is equal to the ice giant Neptune Planet of our solar system.

Neptune Planet is so big that it can fit 57 earth in it, so that you can guess how big the Minecraft game map will be. You will not be able to explore the entire map of this game during your lifetime.

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4. Spore

This is a unique game and it would not be wrong to say that in this game you will play the role of God. In this game, you can choose any one of many planets and start your own species on that planet. The game includes stages like Cells Stage, Creature Stage, Rival Stage, Civilization Stage, and Space Stage after which you can travel in the Galaxy by creating your own interstellar ship.

The galaxy of this game is very large because it has 45,000 stars and more than 120,000 planets. Even if you explore 10 planets in a day, it will take you 35 years to explore all the planets of the game.

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3. No Man’s Sky

This game has 255 galaxies which have so many planets that even if you explore 1 planet in 1 second, it will take 600 billion years to explore all the planets of the game because this game has about 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets. This game can baffle anyone.

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2. Star Citizen

Star Citizen is the biggest crowd-funded game ever since because according to a report, people have donated more than $ 300 million to the developers of the game since 2012, but the game is still not fully released. The developers’ vision of this game is much bigger because they want to make the game 400 quadrillion cubic kilometers and they are also going to use 64-bit architecture in the game which will make the game even bigger.

Seeing such a huge ambition of developers, it is doubted whether this game will ever be fully released? People who have donated money for this game are angry with the developers because the game has not arrived yet, that is why developers are launching the game in small parts.

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1. EVE Online

EVE Online is an MMO RPG game. In this game you can choose your life path, collect and trade minerals, build ships and upgrade them, by creating your own clan, you can fight the clan of enemies and compete with other players.

To understand the size of this game, you should have knowledge of the Astronomical Unit, which is also known as AU. The distance between the Sun and Earth is called AU. The size of one star system of this game is around 17 AU and there are around 8000 star systems in this game which means the size of this game is about 249 sextillion sq km, that’s why it is the biggest game ever.

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