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Valorant New Agent Yoru: Abilities, Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

Valorant New Agent Yoru
Valorant New Agent Yoru: Abilities, Release Date and Everything You Need to Know (Image source: Riot Games)

A short time ago a leak of an upcoming new character of Valorant came out but at that time there was not much detail available about that character, but recently a leak has confirmed that this new character of Valorant will be named Yoru and Its abilities and other details have also been revealed.

Yoru is a Japanese name which means knight and the name of the character gives a lot of information about this character.

Agent Yoru Abilities

Valorant is a game in which a lot of the characters are present and all those characters have their own different abilities that help them fight and provide an edge and the game’s upcoming character Yoru has also powerful abilities.

Fake footsteps

You can see in the video above that the footsteps are moving from where Yoru has used his ability. This ability will be useful to confuse the enemy because your enemy will not understand that you are walking in real or you have used your ability.

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If you leave fake footsteps in front of the teleporter then it goes through the teleporter, which can confuse your opponent whether you have teleported or not. This ability can be purchased 2 times in every match.


Yoru’s second ability is flash, which lasts for a long time. Yoru’s flash works when it hits a surface and after hitting the surface it flashes the enemy. Agent Skye has also the ability of flash in Valorant but his flash is destroyable and his ability is also difficult to control.


This is an overpowered ability. As soon as this ability is used, a teleporter is spawn which keeps moving in the direction of the release till a particular time. You can also teleport to where the teleporter reaches.

The ability to teleport is very awesome because you can teleport yourself to avoid dying when your health decreases while fighting with enemies. This is the primary ability of Yoru so that if you do 2 kills, that ability is recharged.


The name of Ability itself suggests that in this ability you will become invisible and will remain invisible for a long time. During this ability, you will not be able to use guns and will not be able to kill the opponents. This ability can be helpful to escape or to bring information because with the help of this you can cover a good distance.

Agent Yoru Release Date

There is currently no information available about the official release date of Valorant’s brand new agent Yoru, but according to rumors, this agent can be released with Episode 2 which is scheduled to be released on 12th January 2021.

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