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Vikrant Rona Teaser Launch on Burj Khalifa

Vikrant Rona
Vikrant Rona Teaser Launch on Burj Khalifa (Image source: Anup Bhandari Twitter Handle)

A few years ago, South Film Industries was not as popular as Bollywood, but now South Film Industries has become the real identity of Indian cinema by leaving Bollywood behind. Recently, the trailer of Yash‘s KGF Chapter 2 movie has been released, and now Kiccha Sudeep‘s film Vikrant Rona is coming from Kannada Film Industry to compete with KGF, whose Teaser will be released on Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world.

Vikrant Rona Film Details

Vikrant Rona film is going to be very popular before the release due to which there are 2 reasons, first of which is that the title logo of this film will be launched on Burj Khalifa along with 3 minutes sneak peek. This type of Grand Announcement has never happened before, but the surprise does not end here because the longest cutout of 2000 feet of Kiccha Badshah will also be revealed.

The second reason for the film being popular is Kannada Film Industry. KGF is a Kannada Film Industry movie and it was very successful, which craze we also got to see in the trailer of KGF’s Chapter 2, and Vikrant Rona movie is also coming from the Kannada Film Industry, which increased the hype of the film many times.

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Vikrant Rona is a mature version of the childhood treasure hunt movies that can be called a cocktail of action, adventure, and fantasy. The film stars Kiccha Sudeep who is the superstar of the Kannada Film Industry whom fans fondly call Badshah. If you have seen the film Makkhi, then Kiccha Sudeep has worked in the same film. Vikrant Rona film’s director is Anup Bhandari, who won the Best Director award for his debut film RangiTaranga.

KGF vs Vikrant Rona

After the grand announcement of the film Vikrant Rona, the comparison between KGF and Vikrant Rona is going to start due to three reasons.

  • Both these films belong to the same industries.
  • The budget of both films is more than 100 crores.
  • Both these films are going to be a blast of action, Rocky The Monster in KGF will hit the entire army of the enemy and Vikrant Rona is going to hunt both humans and animals by entering the jungle.

Vikrant Rona Film Release Date

It is a wonderful thing that the title of this film was earlier named Phantom, whose opinion is that a person who is not alive but the whole world trembles in his name. Horror touch can also be seen in Vikrant Rona. The film Vikrant Rona will also be released in multiple languages, just like KGF. According to sources, the film will be released on 20 May 2021.

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