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Click and Collect Game Coming to Android and PC on 18th February

Click and Collect is an upcoming management Game. The game has been developed by a UK-based indie game development studio Peacock Pie Productions. The game will be released for Android and PC on February 18, ie Thursday.

This game has been made by only 2 person team because only 2 person has made Peacock Pie Productions Studio. The Click and Collect game is Peacock Pie Productions Studio’s first game, which is why developers have tried to make its gameplay refreshing and unique.

Have you ever worked in a big retail store? If your answer is no, then this game will give you a chance to work in a big retail store, because in this game you will play the role of a Customer Service Assistant whose job is to serve the customers coming to the retail store.

Your job is to place the boxes on the shelves or display counter from the conveyor belt. You have to do this work quickly before the boxes fall down from the conveyor belt and break. The flow of customers will also be more in the big store, due to which you will have to be alert. While working, you will have to face a lot of challenges like thieves, electrical malfunctions, and fires.

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Apart from dealing with the challenges of ground level in the game, you will also face some challenges from your manager which will take you to your peak level. Total of 16 standard levels will be seen in the game. This game will become difficult with progress and if you are able to do your job well by facing the challenges from all sides, then you will also get a good reward which you can use to buy assets and these assets will protect you from the difficulties coming on the workplace.

You will be able to download the Click and Collect game on Thursday from Google Playstore and

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