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Hammer Jam is back in Clash of Clans, is it a hint of TH14?

Recently Clash of Clans has announced Hammer Jam event due to which fans are very happy but is this event giving us the hint of Town hall 14?

If you do not know what is the benefit of Hammer Jam event, then we will tell you. During the Hammer Jam event, if you upgrade any building in the home base, the upgrading cost of that building is reduced by 50%. The number of days this event will run, the upgrading cost of all the buildings in the home base will be halved.

If you play Clash of Clans regularly, then you must know that the last time Hammer Jam’s event came in the game, after that the update of TH13 also came and that event was brought to the players to maximize their TH12 base quickly so that they can be ready for TH13.

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Currently, the duration of this event running in the game is 12 days. It can happen like last time that after this event, the update of TH14 will come in the game. Along with the Hammer Jam event, another event has also come in the game named The Last Town Hall 13 Challange. The name of this event itself suggests that the Hint of the new TH14 is hidden in it.

Clash of Clans TH14

Clash of Clans Town hall 14

In these 2 photos above, a green color effect is seen which can be hinted that the color of TH14 will be green. With all these small hints, it can be guessed that when TH14 will come and what will be its theme.

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