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Project ILL Upcoming FPS Horror Game

Project ILL is a strange horror game and its trailer will see a large amount of blood and violence. Due to the game trailer, its hype is increasing. This game has not been developed by any big game developer company, due to which more information of the game is not available on the internet.

By watching the trailer, we can guess that this game will be full of blood and violence. Along with the horror, a lot of weird things will also be seen in the game. It is a zombie survival-type game coming from a small developer, Oleg Vdovenko, and currently, only limited information about the game is available.

By watching the trailer It seems that the story of the game will be based on the virus and due to its spreading people are converting into zombies. The Project ILL game is being produced on Unreal Engine 4 and the crazy imagination by developers has been implemented in the game, which makes the game look amazing.

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In this game, you will find so many strange things that you cannot even imagine and if you have seen the famous web series Stranger Things, then this game will remind you of that web series because the monsters shown in the game and their transformations are also similar to the Stranger Things. Despite being a small game development studio the graphics of the Project ILL game are next level and the detailing is also great because a lot of time and resources are required to do so much detailing.

The release date of the Project ILL game has not been revealed yet as the game is currently in development. The launching of the game may be delayed due to the build by Small Studio and currently, developers don’t even have proper funding to develop the game completely due to which its development may be delayed.

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