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Townscaper by Oskar Stålberg Coming to Mobile and Nintendo Switch Soon

Townscaper is a city-building game developed by Oskar Stålberg and published by Raw Fury. The game was launched for PC on June 30, 2020 and now it has been announced on Raw Fury’s social media handle that the Townscaper game will also be launched for Mobile and Nintendo Switch soon.

Currently, this game is launched with early access, but the game became very popular as soon as it was launched, as the game got a rating of 10/10 on the Steam. The popularity of the game is evident from the reviews it is getting because the game has received 7956 reviews in just 8 months of which 98% of the reviews are positive. The game is priced at $ 5.99 for PC and it is being speculated that the game will be paid on mobile and Nintendo Switch as well.

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You can also consider it a toy instead of a game because by playing it you will feel relaxed. There is no particular objective of any kind in the game, due to which you can freely build according to your own. Just like Lego, you can build beautiful buildings with the help of blocks. The concept of the game will increase your imagination and creativity and with the passage of time, you will reach the peak of your creativity.

According to a report, the game has generated an estimated revenue of $ 910,000 so far with 48,601 followers on Steam. Revenue figures have brought it into the category of a successful game, and this figure is likely to increase further as the game is going to be launched on other 2 platforms as well.

Currently, there is no information about when the Townscaper game will be released for Mobile and Nintendo Switch, but according to rumors, this game will be launched by this year’s summer.

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